Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I Like it Longer

There’s this one day, I had a conversation with my bf about length, so I said I like it longer. Not sure why my bf doesnt really agree with what I like, he said as long its good to use. So we kinda get into an argument

Me : dont you think longer is better?

BF : I don think that matter...size matter

Me : (talks very confidently) are you sure?

BF : of course I’m sure.

Me : Then why most of the guys like gals with longer hair but not shorter hair?

BF : *silent*

Me : why guys prefer ipod nano which looks longer than ipod shuffle..alot?

BF : *silent*

Me : why guys like gals with longer legs?

BF : *silent*

Me : so you cannot blame that I like it longer also what

BF : win.

Me : that’s why I like it longer! Not only me...everybody like it longer!That’s why I LIKE LG’s new Chocolate phone

Of course, the conversation was created. But the content it’s what I really thought so.

Who don’t like it longer? Especially with LG’s new Chocolate Phone! With amazing 4-inch widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution, 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, and the design…longer and thin, which just looks like supermodel. Not only ladies look good with LG’s new Chocolate Phone but also guys looks COOL with LG’s new Chocolate Phone.

If you like it longer too,then you must join this contest as well to win yourself a LG Chocolate Phone. Just write a blog entry with the title of 'Why I like it longer', and you might be one of the lucky winner to win yourself home a LG Chocolate Phone which worth RM2,199. After you complete your blog entry, just permalink to by 14th February 2010. For more information about the contest, please click here

Who don’t like it longer?! You don’t? Well, I do!


Admin said...

good luck to u

vOon said...

thanks!! tat mean alot to me :)

dreamydolls said...

ohh... nice one~

vOon said...

really kerr!! haha...thanks :p hope i can win tat phone :p