Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiger Show in office

I've always wanted to touch a tiger..dont u?! I mean I am damn scared of those long things there's no face...but snakes, tiger I'm ok...hehe

At first I thought of writing this for the tiger beer contest..coz fake tiger (me) and real tiger - desiree...haha...but...suen la

so there's this day when I just finish recording and back to office, I felt so weird cause there's so many ppl was standing near my cubicle..then I saw a cage...I thought I saw a chicken inside..I was like how come suddenly got chicken...mana tau...ITS TIGERR!! cute u know!

of course without much words, some of us treated her just like a dog. Of course the trainer did warn us when she its getting fierce or something...but seriously who will have the chance to touch a tiger!

dont u think Desiree looks sooooooo cute...but true lots of ppl said, they still young..its only 8 months young..still innocent

omg cute la!!

damn relax d coz lots of ppl sayang :p

after she lye down not even I think 10 minuets then fall asleep d

her paws are so big (duh)

how I wish I can lye there like her..haha..then I can hug the tigerrr!!

Desiree, we surely miss u :)

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Wei Keen said...

u sure really like the tiger hor. almost every pic oso u beside the tiger. haha. btw, nice hair u have ^^