Sunday, May 02, 2010

I heart Hong Kong Day 3 - DISNEYLAND~~~

OMG...Disneyland here I come!!

I cant imagine that I can ever get to go  Disneyland in my life...seriously...maybe I might sounds too much la...but I never dare to think about it...but no more after Disneyland opened in HK! teehee~

so before heading to Disneyland, we headed to the place to eat our breakfast with colleagues. not many of us cause not many planning to go Disneyland.

took a pic before we heading off

then we came to this place to makan our breakfast

a heavy wan cause we dont wanna have lunch in Disneyland...its damn expensive

this oso exi kan...haha

but ours its like 10something la

this is mine...tuna sandwich

my lovely yin yong

yes...his shirt its S size..hahaha

got our tickets!


accidentally took this first I wanna take this pic while she's not picking her nose, they look cute actually..but mana tau when i click...this pic comes out..hahaha

they gotta check the bags first before enter to Disneyland. and yes...outside foods are not allowed

a place rite after we enter

then we saw...why so many ppl its queuing up..we dont care..we just queue...

at last we know why..and so we continue queue up..and the queue took us I think got more than half hour

so in this half hour, cam whore its the only thing we can do..hahahaha..kesian my fren's cam..I guess her camera not use to cam whore ppl yet..XD

well I guess most of you can guess siapa have such attraction already rite?


its mickey and minnie!!!

at first we were so worry whether the staff will take for us anot, cause when I was in Movie world, they actually dont just gotta ask someone to take pics for u...but not here..they will help you take 2 pics, 1 for horizontal and 1 for vertical...for each person..means if you are with ur family or someone else...every 2 pics will be taken..shoooo niceee

then went to the art of animation

all the princesses

Then we headed to another nearby shop, which is souvenir shop...where they earn most of our money -.-

they have lots of decoration of pens there, but I have my love at first sight on this

although it cost HK $40, which is $5 than others...but I just dun care..cause I save most of my money to spend in disneyland..haha

another thing if you dont wanna spend much on getting something memorable...this only cost you HK $5

nice rite

their bakery shop

so disney

they even have jewelry shop -.- this one abit commercialize

continue taking pics with the disney character - Daisy

too bad I cant get to see Donald Duck and take a pic with him

yea...I feel so dreamy in I purposely wear till so dreamy :p haha

well...I dont feel so dreamy and felt so in the reality world when I go and bought their...
I know I know, everything in Disneyland are expensive...but I dont know its this expensive

1 bottle of drink =  HK $24?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

does it look it cost 24??!?!?!?!?!

hai...suen jor...lets leave it and back to DisneyLAND! can you feel like be in the reality while you have allthese around you?!

then we went to tomorrowland...well...very obvious what tat means rite...future, sci-fi bla bla bla

while we entering to tomorrowland, we saw this staff was drawing these cartoon characters

by using the broom...

so geng!

so we just play watever we saw...first...its this ORBITRON...some kinda spaceship thing

camwhore again with the HK $24 disneyland bottle 

waiting = cam cam time

after that we went to Stitch Encounter...

HK really HK..the way they talk are so 'geng' Can you imagine you just talk like an adult with those small little kids? by using the character Stitch?

few sentences very classic...if u can read chinese its better cause you can totally feel the sarcastism = funny

 the session we went in was the cantonese session, cause there's lots of tourists from China so they have another mandarin session. well stitch will actually look for few audiences and talk to them...

so this is one of the conversation between stitch and a china gal

Stitch : 你讲普通话的啊?为什么你会偷走进来leh (in the very cantonese slang)
gal     : 哈哈。。。是啊。。
Stich  : 没关系。我们欢迎XXX ( her name) 啦。你好啊XXX
all      :  XXX你好
Stitch : XXX啊,你的男朋友在不在啊?
gal     : 不在
Stitch : 好。不好意思大家,我们现在要认真的默哀一分钟,因为XXX的男朋友已经不在了。

Stitch : why you sneak into here when you cant speak cantonese
gal     : well..cause...yea...
Stich  : ok.nvm...lets all welcome XXX (her name) Hi XXX
all      :  Hi XXX
Stitch : XXX, did your boyfriend here today
gal     : oh. Hey all, we need to be serious here and silence 1 minute for his 'death'

WTF?!?!?! damn funny can!! although its abit rude to laff la...but we all just cant help XD

ok...after that we went to this space mountain...

see...I'm still so happy right...

something happened...

I didnt thought that Disneyland will gives me nightmare...

- to be continue -

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