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I heart Hong Kong Day 3 - DISNEYLAND~~~part 2

I didnt thought that Disneyland will gives me nightmare...

It was so's so dark...I dont even dare to open my eyes. I so hope that I can wake up asap...ASAP~~~!!! but I cant~~ helpppppp~~~~~I feel so pening and wanna vomit...I care barely walk

suddenly...I saw the princesses~~ am I dreaming? its so I still dreaming? no! no!! I'm not dreaming! its them...belle, sleeping beauty and snow white~!

ok, back to the reality.  haha...but my nightmare seriously my nightmare after I took the ride at space mountain, cause its a ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!! no! I know lots of u love it but definitely not for me...never ever...I mmg not a big fan of this kinda rides as I get dizzy damn easily. just imagine I go genting I also can feel abit dizzy, go cameron and frasers hill I will vomit -.- 

the last time I took a roller coaster ride was in Sunway Lagoon, when I was 13 yrs old if i'm not mistaken. After took the ride, I rested for almost 2 hours, then only I recover. I know that might sounds kua jiong but it's true -.- 

so for this time, the same thing happened. I thought it's like so beautiful. its so dark but they have so many lights, its like in the their name of the ride - space mountain. But around 5 seconds was the duration I was opening my eyes during the ride...hahaha! I only open my eyes again when we reached..then when I came down I know I feel damn dizzy usual...I rest. I tried to walk but I cant.

So while i'm resting, I saw tat 3 princesses passby! I was like omg~~I want to take pics with them!! suddenly all the dizziness gone...hahaha. so, yea...fantasyland mmg fantasyland... 

queue time~~again

I think can see from this pic tat I looks so 'chan'

first its belle! she's so pretty~~!!! I dont know whether u can see tat or feel tat from the pic...but its really not the same in real and from pic

they just behave like a princess~~

2nd princess...

guess you should have the idea after saw this?

its...not her la..she just passby :p

its her - snow white  : D

dont play play, they are just like other idols, sign autograph wan k...haha...

and she signs SNOW WHITE...dont know why I just find it funny :p

I find that Snow White its more 'naughty'

yes...naughty. you know what, all the princesses will ask every gal a question ( I can confirm that) which is.

is that your prince? (if they saw a guy with you)

yes, Belle did asked me...I kinda stone cause...u know I am 24, I'm not 14, or 4 yrs old. the last time we still will talked about what prince charming this and tat, its like below 18 yrs old? so I dont know how to react and dont know how to answer her, so just say yes in an awkward way.

then when snow white saw me, she said, that ur prince. so of coz I have to say yes la...u can be harsh to princess rite..hahaha...then she said...a 'special' one. I still thinking her special as in how special...he mmg a special wan, cause everyone who know me and him will ask why I will accept u know how special he is rite...XD

snow white continue, is he being good today. I said..yea (I guess so). its not! he definitely not being good all the time. I just so fed up when we are queueing up and waiting to take pics with the princesses, I know I just look like a small kid but HEY...WE ARE IN FANTASYLAND. I just want to leave the least while I'm still in Disneyland!

then he keep on repeat that, aiya...allthese are just actress. after work d, maybe they talk bad words and smoking bla bla bla....I really damn pissed seriously...even now when I'm writing I am still pissed with that!!

fine...I just calm myself down...reality ppl will just never ever understand us

oh ya...damn funny. There's this 2 aunties I think from China. They wanted to queue up and take pic with snow white, but the staff that control the line actually rejected and asked them to leave, cause the princess have to leave to prepare for the parade that starts at 3.30pm. but they just continue queue up, saying that they dont have the chance ah, they came from far ah this and that. Then the staff said, sorry ya but we really cant do so, they have to prepare. Please come back at 4.30 again if you wanna take pics. 

that 2 aunties really....I beh tahan...they die die also queue up together. But those staffs oso dont give face. the daddy and the daughter before them was the last group to take pics with snow white. strictly no photos can be taken after them! wooshh...kinda pui fuk

a must-take-picture-place   - the castle of fantasyland

at 3.30pm the parade starts!


this is so classic!

when u see 7 dwarfs..u know who's gonna appear

yea...its the princesses...

then here come Alice 'from' the wonder land..haha

Guess "Alice in wonderland' movie was out and the movie its so hot, these props can be use again..hahaha..dont know la, just though of that...Disney can just make their characters never die

and the mermaid!

must be guys' favorite cause she wore the less..hahahaha guy's hand ok! haha

the cutest dinosaur ever

last but not least....its them~~ the mickey gang

After the parade, I wanted to back to fantasyland again, cause there's things I havent do

how can you not be fantasy in fantasyland with allthese?!


even alone also can feel the romantic-ness

I always wanna ride the carousel other than the genting wan and I did! yay~~

Then we went to this 3D show - Mickey's Philharmagic

its so nice~~!! cause the songs and the characters...everything just make u think bk ur childhood memories

I forgot what this thing call d..haha

and I think he's more scary than the bear..I think the bear oso scared of him

its a small world...everything in there are shooooo cuteee

how I wish I can work here

I love this !

then we saw Pinochio

so mm seh tak to leave here :(

last round to take pics with the disney character~~

sooooo happy when saw POOH

so cute I just wanna hug it so tight!

Goofy...the only character I can stand infront of him to take pics..haha

awwww....we are leaving liao :(

the 2nd sentence its very funny..esp in chinese

yes...we were very tired...from 10am to almost 7pm

guess where I am with this background?

yes...its the bathroom...even the bathroom oso look so dreamy..match my dress tat their bathroom seriously..coz the aircond its cold enuff, and even got all those disney can u not be disney like?


he was so surprise and excited that how come the MTR looks like tat


when we reach the station which can get us back to the city, they will announce :' now we are back to the futuristic world from disneyland." (something like tat la) for me...its dreaming, its like a spell..I call it the Disneyland Spell...haha...cause its really kinda weird feeling. I mean of course its because mm seh tak la, but its like in disneyland, you are so in disneyland, when they said, now we are back to the futuristic world, I was like..wake up d...-.-

and's 'the end' of our jouney in Disneyland. I WILL ALWAYS MISS DISNEYLAND

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