Thursday, May 27, 2010

I heart Hong Kong Day 3 - Part 3

Yes...we are back to the futuristic world, the classier and costy world somemore...cause we are going to 'zhung wan', a place where most of the ppl are more 'rich', cause most of the big company bla bla bla, are there, just like our pavillion those la. you can see 10 out of 10 ppl are using branded stuff. But something different from what I heard is, I used to heard ppl said that HK ppl very LC, especially those in 'zhung wan', but I guess HK really changed alot. We asked direction to the peak when an OL passby, she is so frenly, and even suggested which transportation to take make our life easier! thanks her..haha

but before that, we NEED food as the last meal we took before our dinner was the breakfast. So we went to try out the MC.D! which might be the cheapest restaurant in that shoping complex, haha.

my favorite all time - thai chili sauce

this it's the GCB, we you can get in any mc.d now in KL. was not few months ago thou

and yea~~ the tips given by the OL its really useful, we did took taxi to the peak and its fast and worth it. but what was not worth it, its the weather cause its so mist-ty

but the weather just nice for me..haha

can see the wind its quite big rite, but i love it..haha

we were thinking whether should we pay HK25 to go the peak there to take pics, since its just full of mist. At last we did, since we are here already.

but yea...its really full of mist till we cant see anything from there...haahahahah -.-

so we just purposely took some pics to prove that we were there :p

then you actually should take the tram when you going back to the 'ground'...soooo many ppl OMG

stupid la, the view from the tram its even nicer loh!

but I find it very scary as its going downwards, if you have nothing to hold on I guess you will fall, haha

then when we reached the ground, we saw buildings of Lei Ka Shing woo hoo...damn funny, when a person start to take pic of the building, then whoever passby start taking pics with the building as well...

so that was the 3rd, which also the last night we stayed in HK. We went back to hotel to take some rest as its really been a long day for us...but really a very very special and HAPPY day!! Hopefully I get to go disneyland again in the future...weeee~~~

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