Sunday, February 20, 2011

CNY 2011

Sorry, I've been abandoned away quite some time and did not update my blog..sowie *with puppy eyes*

So of course I will be posting pictures and what I have done in this CNY and  I bet many of the bloggers are doing the same thing with me, writing our CNY post...right? rightttt?!?!?

Hahaha..ok I'll cut the crap and show you how bored was my CNY (as usual). Seriously, although I said it was bored but so far this year was the most 'happening' CNY for me.

Why do I said my CNY was boring, is because I am borned in KL, so that means I have no kampung to balik, so I will not understand the excitement of going back to hometown. 

But like I said this year is my most happening CNY year :D

Like how we celebrated the last few years, 年三十 we went for our dinner outside...
this place is near sunway, didnt even want to remember the name and take the pictures of the shop cause the food were just normal. But me and my family, and my uncle aunty had fun during the dinner, that's what matters :)

everything is as usual lo, every chinese also lou sang during cny

my uncle, aunty and cousin

daddy mommy

and my 2 bros, younger on the left and elder on the rite

so I guess the trend for youngsters nowadays are, not taking pictures seriously? hahaha

like this I think also cost dunno 200 something or 400 something..which I dont think it worth lo

nevermind la, its团圆饭.we should appreciate of what we have, food, family :D

and yea...its chor 1~~~ mean is time to get ang pao~~officially..hahaha
First time, chor 1 only I went bai nian already...that's why I said happening ma :p

changing to vintage style but not sure am doing it the right way...need to do more research...

 went to few place, and the most 热闹place it's of course Emeryn's house, cause we felt the most welcome by her 'babiessss'..and they get jealous VERY easily

I love Kenji the most cause he loves taking pictures...haha

they were tired after all the 'jealousy fights'...all lying at the sofa cute~~

 but the peace doesn't last long, hahaha...they wanted to join us while we were taking some group pictures

For me, to spend more time with family its the most important thing for me ESP during of course I would not want to miss out the dinner with my family

we went to Good Evening Bangkok Thai Restaurant @ 1utama

it's kinda packed that day, so the service was bad and the food was served, kinda slow...but I guess maybe they did not expected that la, cause the restaurant usually wont be that packed also..

so while waiting why not take some pictures : D

although their service was not up to standard, but the food are nice!! even the white rice!

but I dont really likey the tomyam, the santan taste is kinda strong for me

same old place (at the concourse of new wing in 1utama) to take some pictures...

Later that night, we went to Chun Sin's house for K-session! and we get to know his very very trendy parents. Had lots of fun that night although with some serious talk. Now I baru know that I actually look like someone hard to handle because of my temper...GOT MEH?! I know I look LC la cause that what I heard almost my whole life, but hard to handle, this is the first time I heard, from someone know me on the first day somemore -.- must take not d...

but Chun Sin room is so interesting lo, all wanna tour in his room..haha

then the following nights I also spent with my family only...

most memorable time was we went to Old Town @ centrepoint.

Just few tables were occupied..and aircond is not functioning, but it made that cooling night more cozy and comfortable...

I didnt even care whatever table manner d...haha

addicted !!

I always order the wrong thing :( very the careless...but this peanut jam toast its superb!

chor 3...makan with my sis in law and the family...

This restaurant located at 313-1, Jalan Pudu

so many times of heavy lunch during CNY!! SIINNFFFUUULLLLL

But I love it...hahaha...

its only until chor 3 post gonna be more fun cause I am going to post about my trip to SABAH!! first time flying to East Malaysia! stay tune!!!


Anonymous said...

waa.ur older bro look so tai ko! :)

secret admirer.

vOon said...

he mmg look like one but he is not one..he is a very good guy :D haha