Friday, February 04, 2011

Cheongsam The Best Dress

It's CNY now~~ how how?! got chinese new year mood now anot? should have right cause it just started for likw few days...if you dont have it...or you're very boring now (and that's why you're reading my blog :p) then you should continue read it cause this is the last post of our cheongsam photo shoot : D

Am happy because I can finish the cheongsam photo shoots post during CNY, so worry that I am lazy to post it up. But sad  too, cause here goes another photo shoot post. Hope there's more to come!!

Hope you guys enjoy the pics!

this time, we dont have a 'sexy wall'  like my previous post, so it is more crucial on how we pose to make the picture alive...but sometimes doesnt mean when you pose more drama, the picture is more alive...from what I mean is just use your whole body to pose, from head to toe (watch too much ANTM :p)

like you see, I dont post dramatically, but I really pose from head to toe wan ok...LOL..

and they did the same thing too~~

love our group photos~

and when there's a nicey background~simply take also very nice d...but that doesn't mean you dont need to post from head to toe yoo~~~

see..she pose from head to toe obviously

and of course post production also very important :D especially to do the old days style punya feel

but the sun light thingy is real wan ok! haha

and this is my favorite among this bunch...

I dont know, I doesnt look nice here, the background is not that perfect too..but I just love the whole thing that this pictures gives me...just the feeling I dont know how you describe..

doesnt that's the way when you fall in love, you dont need a reason to fall in love :)

 Hope you all enjoy my cheongsam really really hope the next photo shoot will be very very I can share with all you all again~~ thanks my lovelies for reading is..till then : D

gong xi fa chai~~~~

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