Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back To School - Scandal

oopss...I thought I will be writing the post of my Sabah trip starting from today, but I totally miss out that I actually had one more event post to blog before I went to Sabah.

We've been planning for this 'back to school' event like....months ago...Sounds familiar? maybe you read this before...

So yea~~ although we are not going to library this time...we still name it the back to school event to somehow heat up our CNY~~

after done with my 'make up over'..of course cam whore a while first while waiting friend to come and fetch me :p

At first we planned to go Sanctuary @ curve, but they said its very we change to @live at Sunway ...

I know I know, I actually didnt wear school uniform, but not only me k..haha

First time in Alive, not bad la...but not sure is the music or the mood, I was not as excited, as high like how I enjoyed myself in Movida last time.

Im wondering how come he can pose like tat..mouth not pain wan meh -.-

headmistress ronda d...

scare scare~

she's not scare...still pose sexy like what she always do

nop nop..Im not drunk at all this time cause I didnt even drink much :p

everyone were crazy over the cane

the headmistress saw something and some one kena rotan! wuahaha know what she saw?


even with headmistress punya husband...wwooppsssyyy~

of course kena rotan la like tat

At this time..another affair!

he actually the secret admire and he is here to rescue him!! aawwww~~

but too bad...because...

they wanted to be together! no matter kena rotan anot!!!

At last the headmistress actually let them go and did not rotan them, because the headmistress wanted to be with her lover~ and so they all live happily ever after~~~

of my crap...
too boring nothing to do so end up wrote out a stupid story like this with the pictures, hahahaha...hope you guys dont mind....

promise next post will be blogging aobut my Sabah trip : D till then~~


Froggy said...

Well, you look and dress like the pretty intern Missy I once had when I was in lower secondary school, sure does bring back memories ;8)

vOon said...

wow...ur pretty intern missy dressed so sexy ah (compare with others) no wonder bring bk some of ur memories ler :p