Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sabah Sandakan Day 3 Part 2

Here comes the part 2 of my 3rd day in Sandakan.

Previously was all the 'ma lau(s)', now will be somewhere cooling~ peaceful and calm...its poh zai tse (hope I didnt spell it wrong)  I love it~ its abit like our 'tian hou gong' here, but this is smaller and simpler la...

I like how windy izit

2 guys with the same last name, childhood fren and until now still nice~~

really 'fung liong sui lang'~~ really very nice view

love it~

some place of the temple was destroyed cause of the heavy rain (which even caused flood in Sandakan)

then we went yam cha during tea time...sundae oreo~~ yummy~~

I love the night cause Im going to fun fair~~~~~ its been  awhile...more than 10 yrs d I didnt go to any funfair

its very packed cause I think this is the only place where the whole town of people can go :p

me very the sat bai...cause always get attracted by the soft toys~

1 token RM2...quite not worth it lo

this is the ride where the most people will wanna ride...

cause there's a dance standing in the middle when you cant even stand still while the whole thing is spinning...geng!

My favorite all time~ ferris wheel~

ok I know I am old enough not to fancy allthese but I still do..hehe

we looked calm right, but this is the first time I felt so worry and scared on the ferris wheel...

just imagine how high is this (around 10 floors?) and its like swinging....OMG

then we went to this place call 7 heaven..heard tat the yogurt ice cream here is what they are famous of, but they said it's finished d when I reached there :(

I die die wanna try something else...haha..ordered 2 some more to replace my unsatisfaction of not having the yogurt ice cream

that's all for the night! hope you enjoy and I shall bring you to another 'must visit' place in Sandakan :) till then my lovelies~~

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