Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sabah Sandakan Day 1

I am so excited but yet...scared. Cause it's been awhile I didnt travel by my own. Well, my travel mean I take the flight without my friends beside me la, hahaha. The last time I did this alone is when I travel to Melbourne for my education. I still remember first time being alone, as in yes...totally alone in a brand new place for me and we speak 'different' language (it takes time to understand the Australian slang)

Well this time, not as scared as the Melbourne trip, am going to Sandakan this time, although it's my first time visiting the place but it's still in Malaysia : D

Am so happy, and enjoyed having my favorite mcd as my lunch and listening to my favorite genre of music - jazz&blues

after a while, it's time to fly~~

How I wish Im an angel so I can just look at these sky every day and nite :D *dreaming*

after almost 2 1/2 hours flight, it's dinner time!! and you know Sandakan is really small -.-
smaller than I expected..which is good in some way cause you will never get hungry for too long : D

So I went to this place, which I dont know the name la, but it's near around the pasar at Sandakan

this is '排骨炒米粉'...

I prefer the salad shrimp..haha

After dinner, I was brought to this place called Ba Lin. Google search for the location k, is easy. But one thing very funny is you need to go thru a hotel, use their lift then only you can reach here, like our Sky bar la...

I love it!! it's like totally made for me to enjoy the night sky..haha

sea view behind me!!

1 glass of magarita it's more than enough for the night

 interior...very very nice lo

Around midnight, we came to this place, which is the pasar I mentioned earlier...

gon lou min - dry mee~

and best dish of the day is~~~

TAA DAA   ------   si yao gai (soy sauce chicken)!!!

damn! it's omfg sinful by eating the midnite somemore!!! you see the oil!!!

but you know what...the baddest thing is...

you just cant stop eating this!!!

But one thing make me feel so uncomfortable was the rats running around!! -.- seriously disgusting. So this soy sauce chicken is the only thing that can distract your attention...ngek ngek ngek...

If you happened to be in Sandakan and you friend know this place (which a lot of them doesnt know), go there around midnight, maybe after 12am, cause the stall is not open yet until that time. Good luck hunting for food~ and this is the end of my 1st day trip in Sandakan~

Stay tune~ for 2nd day as I will bring you some excited 'show'...seriously excited...he.he.he

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