Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sabah Sandakan Day 2

It's day 2 and we have to wake up early in the morning to makan d : D  we went to the restaurants which located nearby the sea...or I should said it's on the sea? something like Kuala Selangor 

what we passed by when we enter the restaurants...I somehow feel guilty that we have to passby their houses..I wonder how they dry their...ermm...inner wear ~ :0

this is what they call 弹弓面 (dan gong noodle)

after makan, we went to look see look see how big are those fishes and prawns

this might look small for you if you see it like this...BUT not in real I confirm!

nice and calming place to makan

prawn as big as a man's do you consider that as big or small?

after our heavy breakfast, its time to be excited!!!!

on the way to the very exciting place...the sky here really so~~~ beautiful

its so 3D

something I never see it here in KL...they call it UFO, in cantonese they call it 牛屎挞

and here we are~~~

if you didnt notice what was written on the picture you know what are we going to see after this pictures?

nope nope...not these fishes, they're huge!! but still they are only the caleffes

ready for our main character? I mean main characters???

's Mr.Crocodile!!!!!!!

 not only one, or few of them..but its a lot of them along the way...imagine...ALONG THE WAY..I cant calculate that thou

ok, sometimes how you feel towards something, the feeling it's really true and right that make you feel so..just like when I saw this crocodile, I dont feel good at all and I find it scary... and dont try to be hero and just be scared...

cause this crocodile...ate 4!!! EMPAT!!! SI!! people before!!! omg...4?!!?!? I dont care it's all at one time or separately...its just...CRAZY!

along the way...

Im not scared of crocodile yo~~

LOL...ok...they are really not scared of the crocodiles...

YES...these are real!!

and I bet they perform this every day for dont know how many see this crocodile the teeth are soooo white maybe the toothpaste commercial should ask this crocodile to be the spoke person :D

we were told that this crocodile is the most 'scary' breed in the world

I can feel their stress...

small small zoo inside

got deer


and old city...

Hahaha, no la...Old City is at town d, yam cha place

our dinner was Bak Kut Teh in Sandakan style...

I still prefer the KL style cause I love the herbs taste...this is the pepper flavour..but the pork balls are awesome!

and the normal size prawn also so big d -.-

after our dinner, we went to this beautiful place call 'The English Tea House'


some souvenirs...

and some desserts~~~

it's very relaxing...LOVE IT

and I love my apple crumble too!! yummy~~

some activity for you too...

After few hours in the English Tea House, it's time to saw goodbye~ definitely a must go place if you visit Sandakan

And this is my 2nd day in Sandakan...2 more days to go..

stay tune yo~~ you will definitely see something you never see before on the next post~ *wink*

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