Monday, May 30, 2011

Shills Girl Search - 3rd day

It's the 3rd day event of our Shills Girl Search! Finale is coming very soon liao~

So we were arranged to have our hairdo, for stylist to style our hair which to be present on the finale. The sponsor salon is A-cut Salon

Its always very nice that we have people to style and do the makeover for us : D

They did something to my hair too~~although at first I really very not use to it cause usually I dont style my hair..but u know what, they are professional!! other crews said I looked good in that hair : D

group photo~ from left to right, no.7 Yomiko, No.6 me :p, No4 Agnes, No5 Wei Wei

same routine for day 3, 2nd activity will be makan session :D this time we went to mei zi shabu shabu~

this time our papa said we can eat as much as we can, cause things here are very healthy and not oily~~

happy happy~~

 then its our outfit session time at one of our sponsor - remember fashion

this is what I chose :D so ngam same with the doll from the shop..haha

behind the scene

 After, mindy and Chervonne went lepak~ hehehe..

Chatime! My very first time trying it...and I always go for the sour ones

and when gals get together..its always shopping and camwhoring...WUAHAHA..I love it

miss those days neh~~~

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