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Pulau Langkawi Part I

Get to have a free stay voucher at Holiday Villa Langkawi for 3 days 2 nights, am so happy~~ and excited cause the last time I've been to Langkawi when I was 9 yrs old. I have not much memory about that trip except the picture of living in 'The Datai' hotel cause the its the best hotel I've ever stayed (that time la), and the mountain road...

The first day was kinda wasted actually cause I took the night flight (cheaper ma :( ) but actually for me I dont find it wasted cause I love night flight~

that's the moon!

It's only one hour flight to Langkawi, which is just nice for me to enjoy the night sky in the plane...

So yea~ we reached the airport and the first thing to do is rent a car. Well you have to cause you will attracted by those people 'lelong-ing' there. It's hard not to pay attention on them seriously. But of course we need a car to. 50% somemore! that's cheap. Kancil type is RM100 per day, if you wanna go for a better range, Waja will cost you RM200 per day. That person keep on persuade us to take waja but we chose kancil at last. Save more ma :D so with  2 days we only paid RM100~

Holiday Villa ~~

At first we were so worried there's nothing for us to eat by reaching there at 10something. But we were totally wrong! along the road there's tons of choices! from cheap to expensive...

but at last we chose this place call Restaurant Mangga.

First, let me introduce Mr.Octopus. Seriously he really looked like the CIMB 'spoketopus'

and me~

we ordered garlic sauce chicken

tomyam seafood

and chili prawn...

seriously...the food are awesome! Not because we are hungry but it's really nice and its cheap! 3 dishes + 2 plane rice + 2 drinks its only RM32.20. We were full and satisfied with the food :D

Nothing much to do, we went back to sleep after the late dinner...

Next morning, free breakfast buffet~ but too bad Im not a morning person so breakfast it's..not really suitable for me..but yet..this is my breakfast~ hehehe

Since after I worked for years, waking up early to have breakfast it's not that hard anymore :p

 vroom vroom~~ our trip has started! today will be touring the whole Langkawi!

First stop! Oriental Village cause I wanna take the cable car! its a must go place!!!!!!

am so excited and started to take pictures everywhere

this picture was not taken at the garden but the washroom. Nice huh~ cost you RM0.30 per entrance

and yes, this is the last picture I took in Oriental Village and the last picture I still can smile. Why cant I smile? well just imagine when you are so excited for the whole trip is because of one thing and that thing let you down?

what makes me down? what else?!?!?!


Yes..its close for maintenance WTF!!!!!! you know when you read those comic books, they cant accept something so the lighting hack everywhere...that's totally how I feel. I really feel so pissed and no mood...really no mood. I even asked that person is there anyway to go to that place without the cable car. He said yes, 6 hours jungle way T_T...arrrgggghhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ whyyyyy~~~ why~~~~~~

boh bian...after that, I didnt want to go anywhere d, it's like there's no point for me to go anywhere...
Still this trip cannot be we went to Telaga Harbour Park...

Wow, Im kinda impressed I still can smile..hahaha XD

Mr. Octopus trying to act that that belongs to him

Ok la, my mood was calmed after been to this place, it aint bad at all, plus I cant change or do anything that the cable car were closed for maintenance.

This place is beautiful~

Then we went to Telaga Tujuh waterfall..

it's also kinda waste of time..

cause there's no waterfall

there's only water..falling...I wonder you can see that

 We didnt want to spend more time there, so we headed to our next destination, Kuah Town.

Along the road, we saw factory...

and one of the tourist place - Black Sand Beach

after hour? we reached Kuah Town and I saw that EAGLE!! this is my very first time here I think, I totally have no memory that I been here before...

but its freaking hot!!!!! 5 more minutes at the same place I think you will get burn..not sunburn

Ice cream it's a must yo~  my favorite all time, vanilla and lime

cause it's too hot, we decided to leave, when to the shopping centre which...totally have nothing to shop about. SO we left...

After a cooling bath and a power nap...its time to hunt for our dinner

Purple sky!! this is how the evening sky looks like in Langkawi...

Mr.Octopus act cute

After driving along the road, we decided to try out May Hiang seafood restaurant.

Hm...a bad was not that bad but somehow feel abit stressed and abit kena tipu like that.

When you are seated, they will ask you what you wanna order, then they will recommend you some seafood. Then they will asked you to go into a room and let you look see look see the seafood...after you chose, there you are back to your seat and we were wondering, are we being served of the seafood we chose.

Anyhow...let me introduce

this is sweet n sour chicken...not that tasty actually..the chicken doesn't taste fresh.

tomyam sotong...the only thing which taste not bad

and the curry crab..the curry was delicious..but the crab...I dont really get to taste the fresh fresh meat, cause I dont really find any

this cost us RM80something! I know la got crab and seafood all...but I really dont think is worth it lo

After dinner we went back to hotel, cause that was around 10something at night, so we decided to go to the beach...

some pictures taken in the hotel's lobby

the beach!! it was kinda windy but it's really relaxing

cooling wind just make everyone feel so relax

most enjoyable moment..listening to my swing, blues.jazz songs at the can never be this good...

best beach side moment ever

We went back to our room after 1 hour good if every night can be like tonight...

and I shall ends keep the best memory as a full stop for my 1st post of Langkawi.

And I shall ends here, with my best moment of the day as the full stop of my 1st post of Langkawi trip.

Stay tune for my 2nd post :)

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