Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shills Girl Search - 1st day

omg omg~~ can I interrupt my Sri Lanka post and post about my Shills Girl search instead? hahaha

Well yea, shills girl search just ended yesterday that is why I wanna post the whole process here what its still 'sizzling'..so let me start with our first day~

First day was fun and excited enough! you totally can feel that you are one of the finalists. As in we actually didnt know we actually have to wave and walk around in the shopping centre, which at first I feel kinda uncomfortable as the attention is all on us~ but YES, we will have to pretend thats nothing looking at us..~

make up make up~

then took some pictures in the shops

we all were still not so close to each other yet, hahaha

each of us will take a medium shot

this is where the part we took tons~ of pictures outside the outlet, these are only some from the bunch

then we have to wave and walk to the times square centre court. seriously macam Miss Malaysia and of course that attracts lots of attention -.-

After like, an hour? its makan time at BBQ Plaza!!

Before we can go in, its photo session again~ and BBQ Plaza is kind enough to prepared lotsa lotsa food for us~

we all love BBQ plaza~

After makan session, we went to Amber Chia Academy! Seriously~ what an experience for us! I know some people doesnt give a damn to Amber Chia, but for those who love Amber Chia and see her as their idol, must be very jealous of us (ngek ngek ngek).

that stick help us to control not to wave our hands too much

but I think that helps me not to be hunchback...hahaha

I was group with the 2 best catwalk people...damn no confident to walk lo :(

It's only the first day but I already feel excited and looking foward to it!! and you know what, 2nd day of our activity its even better than I thought!! so stay tune yo~~~!!!

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