Monday, February 27, 2012

Be on Mag

This happened few months back but it will always be a memorable experience for me...which is to be on mag!!!

Seriously...if you ask me whether I prefer to be on TVC or Print Adv, I definitely choose print adv. Maybe is because I just love to take pictures, and I felt tat its easier...and TVC seems to take longer time than a photoshooting..that just my own POV la...

So yea...I was so lucky to be one of the reader/winner to be featured on Ray Magazine (Malaysia)

I think you can guess what is the theme by our dressing rite ^^

Love the style of my hair! so yeng~~ this is the first style

first ourfit~ so christmas yeaa

I love the 2nd outfit!!!!

and my last outfit and hairstyle~~ wit one of the pretty model~~ 21 years young!!

and SUPER GORGEOUS JOSHEEN happened to have her shooting at another studio happy to see herrrr!!

this is the first photo they took..and we are done with my part! LOL...thats why I said I love photoshooting :D

2 other readers ...we acting..macam in print adv rite...LOL

awwww...I missed photoshootssssss...Hope there's more chance to come...

Oh...I've just done a photoshoot with my friend...will post in my blog once I've got all the pictures...till then my lovelies~~


darranlow said...

And as usual, I love your hair!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

it's ray magazine! i recognized u there hahas, but where did the photoshooting take place? coz i know that their office is quite small thou..

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vOon said...

darranlow - haha...thanks!! and thanks to the stylist!

FiSh - yeaaa!! not taken in their some small studio in tat u oso can recognize so geng!