Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Vintage in CNY way

Sad sad...everyone sure very sad now cause our lovely chinese new year holiday dah habis. It mean its time to get our ass back to work >.< and no more ang pao to collect >.< LOL

Oh well, dont be sad...I bet you all had a fruitful CNY for the past few weeks...dont you?

Mine...been the same routine for almost every year...and one of the same routine that always happen during CNY is that I only meet this old friend once a year during CNY (LOL, sure kena scold by him if he read this)

Yes...not joking...I know this friend for more than 10 years and he is just like my brother d. BUT I think he wanna be low profile so I am not going to post his picture here.hahaha

Since its Tuesday and I took a day off (because bai tian gong the day before) I suggested to go Pavillion! its been a while I didnt go pavillion d due to avoid the traffic jam >.<

I know I am outdated, but yay~ at last I got to take pics with the bears~

and to visit the tokyo street...I thought very big wan mana tau ...

Then we went to Ben's for lunch...

and this so called photographer wanted to take the pics like this...hahaha

this pic was taken by him too...

after Pavillion I went to Sephora...love the one in SG..so big I can shop in there for hours...this is kinda small...hopefully they will open another bigger branch at somewhere in PJ!!

bought vanilla body wash and scrub! LOVE IT!

Oh well...there goes one of my CNY day...but at least its not the boring one!! *happy* 

Outfit of the day....

Been shop a lot of vintage clothes...wanted to try out the really extreme wan like those from Japanese magazines..but trying tone down as Malaysian cant accept it -.- I dont wanna attract attention...I am serious..they even look at my socks -.- 

Top (RM50+ - Kitschen)
Its love at first sight...haha.I know I've been using this for quite some time. But I really love this top when I enter the shop...I was like OMG! I love this! at first I thought maybe I can get this from online website cause its cheaper. But come to think of it, the quality its not as good, and I think around RM50 its really worth it by the cutting and the quality esp the sleeves. So......I bought it..but I have no regrets!

Pants (RM25 - Pasar Malam Tmn Megah)
Have been wearing this to work and now for casual too~ this wan big butt small but also can wear. By having he A line cutting, this high waist pants can make our waist look smaller and the butt look just nice~

Belt (come with a vintage shorts...will show one of my new vintage outfit very soon^^ )

Yea I know some of you already seen this top for dont know how many times d..but I still love it..LOL~

more new vintage outfit to come~~ stay tune~~


Camy said...

nice vintage clothes! :D

HouHouSek said...

the ribbon belt looks cute

Nicole Sim said...

aww.. I love your peterpan collar blouse :3

vOon said...

Camy - thanks !!

HouHouSek - soon soon, I will show the pants that comes with the belt, super match,haha

Nicole - I love it too...cant really find peterpan collar blouse here..surprisingly I found it in Kitschen ^^

benjamin foo said...

Red looks really good on you.


Allan said...

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