Thursday, February 02, 2012

Where to CHILL OUT

 If you ask me, which country that most people will sleep late, I would say Malaysia, just because of the yam cha culture...LOL

K la, I'm half joking...yes...half joking because I really think that Malaysian dont sleep early. Whether they go clubbing, yam cha or whatsoever...

For me, I dont really like to club as...I'm quite a lazy person. I am so lazy to dress up myself and yes I dont really drink alcohol...just dance. So I think its kinda waste money if I go club. Yet, I dont mind to yam cha, or just chillex with my besties...and I found a new place~Chill Out

Chill Out is located at Subang Parade...

Love the environment ~

You can choose to be here~ the indoor with air for those who wanted a quiet place for some 'serious' conversation..haha

or the open air space...where they have the drinking bar, pool table etc

Oh...they also have live band performance

here's another nice spot to be at...

Of course...the food are awesome!! Here are the tandoori buffet

and the pizza here is awesome!!! and its thin wonder the owner said one person can finish the whole pizza, cause its so tasty you wont feel guilty eating the whole thing, LOL

yummy yummy~~ we had so much fun to chillex at chill out that night~

Good news! my coupon will be offering a good deal from Chill Out

[63% OFF] RM 29 nett for Tandoori Claypot Buffet Dinner instead of RM 78.

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