Thursday, August 28, 2008

my new hair style

ok...get ready..this is my new hair style

I know it somehow looks weird coz the collar covered my neck macam no neck..ishh

some other photos

hahahahha...oopss I did it again...I think some of my frens oso sien with this lie
d...coz its not the 1st time I did it. maybe next time when I really cut short hair then no ppl believe

anyway...I dont like this hairstyle la...stupid wan..cause I told the hairstylist that I just wanna trim abit..then he cut a style for me.Ok la I know the style not bad, but I thought of changing a new style ma, this style tried before d. Plus this hairstyle make my hair look soooooo dry n spoil...last time just did didnt look that bad, but now...ishh..I gotta tahan how long woh...n he cut till so side...cant cover my fat face :(

see...the side there all 'doi doi' out bro said saw from behind..those hairs is like S style...hai...

ohya..I forgot to post my lovely bo's new hairstyle as well...which he cut 2 weeks ago. If cant remember then scroll it lower, then u can see his pics d..haha

my mom said look like an ET...

this is the most recent one, just yesterday

Very random...pic of my room..cause just bought new blanket..hehe..I LOVE IT. I know la...kinda look like a kid's room cause the flower thingy n with those toys..haha...But I dont want care ler, just wanna match my room


Wei Keen said...

Oh My God~~ you are so so damn cute here! I can't take it off my mind liao >.<

vOon said...

I think obviously u like gals with long hair..haha