Friday, February 05, 2010

Last day in Manila trip

Ok I know it’s ’kinda’ late to do this post...but..yea (cant debate d :p )

so sien..wanted to post this few days ago but dunno wats wrong with the 'blogger', gotta use html to allign the pics and the text T_T


So this post is our last day in Manila. Kinda feel sad thou, and our last time to eat such a delicious breakfast in Manila.

Of course not to waste anymore time since it’s the last day in Manila. The funny this was, this is the day we planned to go shopping, also it’s the day and the only day we prepared and get to go out ON TIME! Ahhaha...we even get to take some pics at Eric’s house first before we head off to Bazaar.

always wanted to take a pic like this!

So yea, at last we reached the place where everyone were talking about. Serious! These few days we met Philipinos, and they’ve been asking us whether we have been to Bazaar. AT LAST! We get to see it...and at last I know why, cause its like our sales, but this sales duration quite short ler, I think only that few days (if not mistaken). I found that we was very lucky cause the duration they had that sales was the duration we were in Manila.

Anyway, no pics during shopping of course la as we all were busy spending all our izit like? Well firstly u gotta pay to go in T_T, if not mistaken its like few ringgit per person, not more than RM4 la. And it looks like the flee market we got at The Curve. But of course there’s so many things we cant get from Malaysia. So I bought few things...I mean so I bought accecories...dont know why I always love bracelet.

After shopping, we went to makan abit. Dont you think the fooddssss looook ssooooo deeellicioussss!!

After like half day of shopping and walking around, we were ’invited’ to makan with Eric’s family before we leave to airport. Seriously I enjoyed this trip especially Eric’s family (although its none of my business la cause the gf it’s our fren – Kidd), hahahah...but at least I get to see something different as in not all rich people are hard to communicate or hang out with. Eric’s family its so nice and down to earth, didnt feel any barrier in between also :p

Manila, hopefully there’s a chance to visit Manila again J

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