Saturday, February 13, 2010

I can feel my Chinese new year!

actually I dont really have CNY feel dunno why...some ppl said cause old d woh..hahaha..but NVM! I dont have CNY but until the day tat I got my company townhall meeting (which we held once a month). Which is when I got CNY feel cause everyone its wearing red!!! wuaa..hehe..really make me feel so nice and happy thou :D

love my colleagues so so much :D

damn...I dunno what happen to my blog or dunno wat u call tat...I just cant move the pics like how I move it need to use the html to cut paste those pics to the sequence I wanted...can anyone tell me why? now I wan put captions in between oso cant :(

Anyway....1 more day its CNY d...wish u all happy chinese new year first!!!

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