Monday, February 22, 2010

Take It or Leave It

I've seen so many pics lately of others, bikinis, sexy lingerie, bikinis,lingeries,.hahaha...I think it's time for me to come out from my shell. Well, what I mean its...I should post up my pics here if not what's the point of taking it? But FYI, sexy or slutty its not what I wanna portray in these photos, just wanna try something new as being cute and sunshine girl photo shoot are enough for me at the moment.
so here are the pics...please do leave ur comments and which is ur favorite and least favorite, better with the reason why u like it or dont like it, so that I can improve on my next photo shoot...thanks lotsss :D

*1 - I always love how Yann took my pics without I notice she's doing it

*2 love this the softness expression on my face


*4 - Yann they all love this face

*5 - 3rd favorite among the bunch..hehe



*8 - love this too cause its quite hard for me to take a nice pic when I'm lying down..haha


*10 - my favorite pic among the bunch, just love the composition and overall dont know why :p

yay...all pics I photoshoped myself wan, hehe...thanks to Yann that give me tips :p

Stay tune for the 'school girl' theme for the next post  : D


model agency said...

very sexxy!

vOon said...

then which wan u like n dun like ya? n y :p

dreamydolls said...

hahahaha........ finallyyy.. so can i post ur pic too.. hehhe.... photo credited to me la.. muahahaha

Hui Wen said...

my nose bleeding now....tissues tak cukup...

vOon said...

ish ish...hahahaha...thanks ma hai!! hahahahaah

vOon said...

can...but none other than those I posted here wan loh.ahahhaah...ok anot? esp *4, dont put the full body pic leh

Anonymous said...

i likey likey :)

my two cents..

- friend from past...