Sunday, March 14, 2010

24 years old

Don't know why I kinda like 24 this number, although it sounds bad for chinese. Guess just because my birthday its on the 24th February and this year I am 24 yrs old! Of course I dont like to be older (duh!)

You know, that day I realize, 25 and above, will be under another category. Like 18-24 its 1 category, 25-30 its another category...and soon I am in the category. Also there are so many competitions nowadays only accept people who are 25 and above...noo~~~the most important thing its~! I gotta accept the fact that I will be using anti - aging skin care, although they said we only should start when we are 25, but people like me nowadays which it's not healthy, like to eat junk food, dont like to drink water, then got make up but simply remove make up~~hai~~~

ok, I know this topic suppose to talk bout my celebration. well yea...just another celebration for my birthday. Still, I miss my 23rd birthday cause that was the most happening birthday in my life!!

This year, just 2 celebrations. First it's with my bf...we went to had our dinner at a japanese restaurant which located at SS2. At first we wanna go to The Cave, but I think they already tutup kedai liao, until today they didnt open..T.T

But luckily, the food in the jap restaurant its delicious! and the price its reasonable! a good place to have dinner for 2 :) or more :p haha

oopsss I did it again...long time no post food d so also forgot to remember the name :p

my beef thingy

I think this set only costs u like...less than RM20? with drinks 5 pieces of sushi somemore..haha

this is okiminiyaki! i remember cause I love it so in the one from Sakae sushi, dont think they serve cham

yes, the food its so much until we ate till our stomach pain..hhahahha..feel so guilty cannot finish all the food..although didnt left much also la

had chocolate cake for 23 last got something diff...Marble Cheesecake from secret recipe!

and the cake its bought by my bf :p hehe

Birthday part 2 - belated birthday celebration 
So they celebrated my birthday at this place call Kitchen Creatures, which located at centre point, 2nd floor. The boss there it’s funny and cool, he looks fierce thou, with some tattoos on him. Can see that his customers know him very well d, cause he’s really friendly and outspoken, plus the thing there it’s delicious too.
I ordered Garlic seafood spaghetti, Yann ordered pizza.

this is the Garlic seafoor spaghetti..nice~~! but actually quite 'zai'...cant finish :p

i dunno she order wat pizza..hahaha

I also dunno what emeryn ordered - me so satt bai T_T

One thing I am happy about was that, Yann actually prepared donuts from Krispy Kreme as my birthday cake!! I know nothing special about donuts but she’s really know me well la! Haha…cause Krispy Kreme it’s my favorite donuts, but the one from Australia. The one here it’s too sweet leh, and they doesn’t seems to be as popular as the one from Australia. But of course, thanks Yann again for really prepare something very nice for me! Which made my day ! Hehe

Here’s some pictures and videos to share :D enjoy :p

love the beautiful effects by using Emeryn's camera...even ugly me oso can be so nice liao suddenly..hahaha

they doin the candle thingy for my 'cake'...remember...there's 24 candles ya..haha

while waiting for them, we have nothing to we take pictures..haha

last step - light up the candles..its harder to set up the candles...coz if mm hou choi...will kena hand :p

birthday never be my thing coz ..dunno leh..I felt kinda awkward whenever ppl sing birthday song for me...esp in public..but of coz...i appreciate everytime my frens do so...hehe

at first was thinking what I'm doin with my finger like this...actually i'm cutting the 'cake'..haha

all wanna act normal n cute

suen la...i kinda give up d

all was talking bout Yann's bf...he wanna act cool

n cute....all said prefer he act cute..mmg didi zai..haha

di di zai...its better they act cute than cool

group photos time of coz !

n tat' birthday celebrations...thanks to alllll who celebrated for me : D

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