Saturday, March 20, 2010

Onefm company and personal event

Yay~~!! Here comes another company event…and we are having Japanese food~~!! Why I am so happy about that it’s because few days ago, I just have the urge to eat sushi…and one of my wish come true…wee~~
I think no need I talk much, let’s just go straight to the photos shall we :D


ang pau from Jeff...ngek ngek ngek

with cutie pooh

's lou sang again..there's nothing better than lou sang during CNY :p

omg!!! sushi~~

so many somemore~~~

even Pooh cant tahan

smoked salmon...damn nice

garlic rice oso very nice

guess what's this...look like pork leg rite

actually it's a fish

green tea ice cream :D it's my first time eating it actually

fruitss!! deco till so nice...but at the end we all play with the ice -.- it's not a good behavior I know but I dont know what spell they put on us..once we see the ice we will wanna play with

coz they look damn alike they doin the mirror now..haahhahaha

Then, after our dinner, we went to 天后宫。It’s my first time actually to go 天后宫. So glad that I went with my colleagues!! Before we enter, something damn funny happened. When we enter, we actually have to pay RM3 for the parking. So this guy saw we wore onefm t shirt, so he was asking for some goodie bags. So one of my colleague – Apple, she said RM3 also give u d ma. Dunno why, he suddenly said, it’s ok la…u guys just go la…means he is not taking our RM3! Ahahahahha…we were so surprise because my friend actually was just joking about the RM3..and he was so nice that didnt ask for the RM3. Then more funny was that, we are the only group that they didn’t ask for, other colleagues with the same shirt actually did pay for the RM3…what a lucky day :p

a group photo before we enter

love it!

So excited when I enter, cause really lots of things that I saw it the first time. Yes I know I sounds very leong la…but I memang like this kinda thing. I am not sure whether you guys have this kind of feeling before la..but for more than 20 years d, always heard people mention 天后宫,but never get to go the place…yay~~ another wish comes true.

all looking at us...dont know because it's our station t or we are too...'attractive'...hahaha

try to play with the camera :p



almost there..but I kinda like this pic :p

ta daa~~ ok anot? hahaha

all letih and sweating like a pig d

Yes of course we took lots of pics, and pray to lots of God..hahaha..typical Chinese :p

What a great night!! next year must go again...then hopefully also can get to eat sushiiiiii before get to go tian hou gong...haha...sounds abit weird I know :p till then

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