Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chor 9 - bai tian gong

went to bai tian gong at my fren's house on the chor 9, which happened every year.

But dont know why this year got more feel, maybe hide at home for days d nothing to do...and here it's so happening..hahaha

playing with the camera...see hui wen jie jie so leng lui here

then take together

this 8 gong oso wanna take

at last no ppl wanna join he syok sendiri...

have u ever see someone can use DSLR to self shot till so nice anot? hahaha

thanks to his own long hands

can peace somemore

this is also the time where I can get to play with lots of babiessss..but this year only get to carry one..hehe

then I oso got take pic with 3 big babies, ahahaha...taller than me somemore T_T

then the fireworks!!

those are too dangerous for us to play, so we play the 'xian nv bang'

we had fun thou XD

then fireworks again...guess some of u knew that, cause almost whole nite the fireworks non stop caused some ppl cant sleep..hehe

then we went to Xue Ling's house as she also got 'bai tian gong' ceremony, her place more happening loh, see the crown oso know d...and imagine most of them, are craving for this

and imagine most of them, are craving for this

roasted pork!!
so damn delicious can!!! plus it's still hot hot wan leh...yummy until I dont know how to explain the feel for u :p

or maybe some craving for this? 

hahahahaha...choi san yea!! I wan money...lots of money~~~

yes, when you are reading this post, its even after chap goh meh already...but dont u think when u see fireworks, u can see the hope? at least I do : )

love these pics so much

how bout u guys punya CNY?
ohya...this is the video of the fireworks...hope this video can give u the feeeeel of hope ya :p

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