Saturday, March 27, 2010

My First Time

Ok...I know I sounds stupid here for someone else..but seriously!! I am sooooooo happy and excited about it...well...that is

AT LAST I CAN WEAR COLOR LENS!!! WEEE~~~ I said la, someone might thought I sot or wat..but seriously...I'm not sure whether someone out there can understand how I feel...cause

last time, I think 1-3 yrs ago, I tried to wear the lens that my friend gave me...I took more than 1 hour I guess, cant wear...not even 1 since after that I gave up...

until today...I told myself I MUST NOT give up...I bought myself total 3 pairs of color lens.

this was bought in 1utama - In Q Box (RM30) its almost the same price with those selling in internet..angel brown

this I bought from the internet...grey color...nudy first I saw the pic from the internet..doesnt look nice at all..I mean I dont like it la, but cause no stock liao that gal so I just try loh..mana tau its nice !

this one I havent try yet...cause dah buka 2 pairs...its violet : D

Here come my first time sorry...of course I remember that day was weekday, and its around 12 something...I'm so excited to try it on..which I know I will take like...forever? but i really dun care! I love challenges! I expected...I took like..half hour to wear the color lens..for 1 side T_T. very degil punya me...die die also will put on another side as well...and there another half hour gone T_T

really very once I wore, my tears are like waterfall...but they said first time mmg like tat..YES! it's my first time...and I dont have sight problems..hehe

so here are some pics I wanna share...I wanna share my 'happiness' !! weee~~~

yes...brown it's seriously not that obvious..esp from pics

that's y I like grey...its like seems got diff but dont know what's the diff..even got ppl ask me whether I got make up cause my eyes looks sui wang wang...hahaha..happy happy : D

love it love it love ittttt~~~ hahaha...ok I know I sounds vain..but I dont care...wee~~~

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