Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can you guess my theme

Remember I mentioned that I was so happened to be one of the lucky gal among 13 of us?!?! to get a makeover by the idols of lotsssss of ladies?!? read it here if you cant remember, or u'r reading my blog for the 1st time :)

so this shooting its actually the preparation for the actual shoot, also they make it 'behind-the scene' for their show in Jiayu 304 called 'Mary Go Round'.

It's the first day of our shooting, and the 1st day we get to see...half of the contestants, cause there's one group which have 5 of them already did the shoot at Nichii, and ours its at Kitschen! one of my favorite place to shop.

The stylist actually chose few sets of wardrobe for us...and I got something really...really a big change for me...just imagine...I'm always in these...(they asked us to choose the style we usually will wear)

my own

from Kitschen...

and lastly I chose this...coz I can wear to shop, also to work...hehe

this is wat they chose

which seriously I will never wear in my life loh !! haha

this wan still can accept geh...for dinner :p

n this is the one I will be wearing for shooting!! can u guess wat's the theme for my makeover??? take a guess till the post~~

its not as simple as u see in this pic yo!

ohyea...also we met up with the sifu of the sifu in the hair industry - Tony lao shi!

oopss...this is me and one of the contestant's punya pic...haha

here come Tony lao shi and the contestants!

Tony lao shi are so frenly :D so are the contestants

with the sponsors of the show too...

stay tune yo...if u wanna see wat's the theme for my makeover~~ till then~~~ XD

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