Friday, June 18, 2010

我呢? I Lost Myself

星期五的早晨,听着Christina Aguilera的 You Lost Me, 又情绪化了吗?又好像不是。难道每一件事一定要有一定的答案吗?

It's Friday morning, and I am listening to Christina's You Lost Me. Am I being emo again. I guess not. Must there be a must in everything?

Things are not the same anymore compare to last time. I guess everyone it's the same, don't we? As it always happened to me, sometimes, a single word, a sentence, a case, a tiny little things will change my mind, in a seconds, in a minutes, which I actually been holding it for years.

而我现在最喜欢的一句话就是 ‘别把话说在前头’。
Never says never, this is the sentence I love it so much at the moment.

以前的我,一直都希望越开结婚,有个家最好。但因为一句 ‘别因为结婚而结婚',我改变了,变得好像对婚姻有恐惧症。但我却没放弃过爱情。
I used to be someone that wanted to have a family asap. But 'dont get marry because you wanted to get marry', I've change. Now I seems to have phobia towards commitment. But still I never give up on love.

I used to use 1 ringgit like 100 ringgit. But no more stingy like last time, although I am not earning much right now, and of course I dont spend like hell. But, who knows when is our last day in the world? who knows whether there is 2012? Now I spend 100 ringgit like 100 ringgit, I wanted to treat myself better, no regrets no more. It's not that I believe the myth of 2012, but I just felt that the earth it's angry on us and so I agree that the earth wanted to punish the human. Also, I know that one person's hardwork can never defeats teamwork, although I have not give up yet.

I used to dream, alot. But now I became more practical, and face the reality better. There's many times, many things, I would prefer to avoid it, cause I don't wanna accept the ugly truth of the world. But this is life.

I know everyone should be happy on a Friday, but well...I wrote this doesn't mean that I am not happy, just have some thoughts suddenly, and the song caused me.

I've made it, if you think that I am so ambivalent after you finish this article.

There's no certainties in this world.


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