Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love Sari

omg...光天化日 what are they doin in the office...

they actually doin henna la..haha

 just because we are having a bollywood theme! we all dressed up in the indian costumes, most of us wore's all because of the 1000 RINGGIT! haha

and u know what, we mmg 1 malaysia, even my chinese colleague can draw such a nice henna. Although we have the picture to trace but I can tell u its really not easy at all..and its her 1st time drawing henna! can u imagine tat?!!

damn nice can! we all so excited about it..haha

then the next day...its Sari time!

well...we all have no idea how should we wear it...except Cici, one of our colleague

still we cant wear it last we got help from our colleague's indian frens..hahaha...its really hard 2 wear the Sari ler...we need professionalsssss

n.......taaaa daaaa~~~~~~~

it's my 1st time ever! wearing Sari and I love it soooo much!!!

yes, all of us dress up like got teamwork...hehe

showing off our henna...hehe

u know, few days ago 3 of us went to bought the I mentioned earlier we wanted to win the RM1000. and we've already spent 300something on our costumes...mana tau...all really dressed up so nice...and the worst thing its...we need to perform for 5 minutes which we have no idea at all!! so we all just gotta come up with something...and we really never expect  that...we actually get to win the RM1000!!!!!!!!!!! weeee~~~~~~~~~~~~ happynya

lucky we didnt rugi the 300something..hahaha

 another I love about Sari its because I look skinnier in Sari..hahaha

and everyone look so pretty

Love the theme and wish there's more to commmmmeeeee!!

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