Friday, June 04, 2010

1 of the 13 My Dream Girl

Happy!! just because I've been chosen for one of the TV show! weee~~ but that's not my main point of being happy (of course this is one of the reason to be happy la) but there's another main point that I am soooo happy it's because I will have the chance to have makeover by TONY and XIAO KAI 

Tony - who is in charge for the hair

xiao kai - in charge of our look (make up)

Other than the Miss RO thingy which I dont really take it as a real competition or audition, I think this is the first time I go thru all the audition and interviews, make me so nervous...guess maybe I really wanted to be chosen. and at last I did! from 600 to 100, then 30something then at last to 13 of us.

this is the audition

first you will have to wait in this room, then u will take turn to get interview by the reporter

half of the room are actually contestants' punya bf...haha

only get to take few pics while waiting

Faye - One of the host for Mary Go Round - so pretty n slim...envynyaaa~~

u tot this is the only part for the audition ah...I also hope so loh. This is actually the last part of the audition, which Faye interview us during the shooting

As I mentioned just now, reporters interviewed us was the first part, so...the 2nd part of interview its actually the scariest.

Just imagine, you are one of the "American Idol" contestant, u went in, the judges are all infront of u and they ask u questions. OMG! its really so scary till I talk oso hard...haha...I know I might sounds abit too much but that was really how I felt.

But actually the judges are very nice wan, just I was too nervous. Damn funny, cause they ask me to introduce myself, so I said I m bla bla bla, a copywriter...bla bla bla

then they ask, do u have any hobbies, what do u like 2 do when u r free. So I just answered I like to writes, read, watch, dance...they suddenly look so surprise when I said they asked what kind of dance u learning, I said belly dance. I can see how big thier eyes and reactions was, hahaahhahahaha. so they asked me to dance n show them...I was like WAN MEH! damn pai seh can! but wat to do, HAVE TO loh. They actually cant really bliv how big the contrast was, just imagine a copywriter do belly dance -.- well I dont mean all copywriters are boring, but well actually I am a boring person, but just happen to be I like to belly dance that's all...I think belly dance save me! if not I dont think they will choose me oso loh

or maybe I have my favorite lucky number...weee~~~

and free gifts~~~ I love free gifts~~ weeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ *kiam siap gal laffing out loud*

I actually went for some shooting d, but I dont think its a good idea to expose the style I going to have, and pics taken to show it in my blog (first) before the show go on STAY TUNE!

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