Thursday, August 05, 2010

It's my first time...again

Yay~~am so happy and excited to show my first time...wearing it~~

P.S this will be a bimbo post so...u know la..haha..cannot tahan wan then byeee~~ :p

I think this is the time I really buy this thing loh, especially so special punya come so many 1st time in the yr of 2010

really my first time wearing gan jiong, and its not hard at all to wear it, not like the 1st time I wear my color contact lens

what do u think??nice anot?

the hat..LOL

I know la I sounds very stupid (again) but I really hardly wear any accessory if u really pay attention on my pics...always the same old white ODM watch and the ring on my middle finger

this hat was bought when me n my fren went shopping in the gardens...we saw the hat then damn excited d cause we were searching for it and this only cost RM39.9 (the cheapest I saw so far)

nice nice nice??? *still feel very exciting*

at 1st still can 矜持 abit (act ladylike )

coz too excited n happy so starting to act cute ...(damn long time didnt act cute d)

okok..vain it bk :p

ahh~~ I feel so spring

ok...this is the last photo d, as in the last photo I took with my camera, I think can see my tiredness jor after some act cute exercise for my face, n I think u can see by the bottom rite of the pic that what time I took allthese pic, excited ma *shy*

anyway...just wanna share a new thing in my life :) hope u guys enjoy~~~*hopping out*


Wei Keen said...

yeh~ I'm first to comment. Nice Hat~! xD but i really really heart that pic of the left eye lid closed de. keep it up! ;)

vOon said...

haha thanks wei keen, no worries I think u will always be the 1st to comment as no one will fight the 1st place with u :p

Wei Keen said...

awwww.. always a 1st place in you ;P that's so nice. I'll keep commenting ya ^^ but the latest post is chinese i cant read T_T