Monday, August 16, 2010

Yen's birthday at Bamboo

It was Yen's birthday, and we decided to celebrate at Bamboo which at the same time they had their 3rd anniversary, so free alcohol!! wee~~ I dont drink but yea..happy for them..haha

but I was suffering during that time cause I think i started to had fever already at that time..I sneezed non stop the whole day n nite -.- but still I enjoyed with my galssss :D 

its kinda funny when Hui Wen said why both of us look like stranger here :p

so of coz we take another photo to proved tat we are not :D

actually we wanted to give yen a surprise..but failed! *nguak nguak nguak

 but she's still happy...

esp when her bf reached there~~ well he trying to make yen bliv tat he wont be comin coz of some reason..but yen knew he will of coz!

awww...loving birds

the songs and the environment made us enjoyed! we all get so high even without alcohol..i mean me la :p

hui one can beat her sexiness..haha

another birthday party post coming soon and I will let u know our best place to have fish n chips! till then :D

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