Monday, August 23, 2010

Dream girls gathering

it's been monthsss!! we..the 'dream girls' met up again :D 

this time Maggie - our mummy organized a gathering for us, also to get our prizes..weee~~

so happy to see them again~~~ at delicious...the lighting and us...feel so dreamy again..hehe

of coz we non stop taking pics with each other...although its just a short term competition..but we all get along so well :D

asked nicole to take pics...she really wat oso take..haha

damn hyper nicole

short hair group..they still look so pretty with their new hairstyle

our prizes!! watch from J.Bouvier 

and some vouchers

n here's my dinner

 we all had a great nite, and u know what...we even planned for our next gathering which will be 1 month later!! looking foward to it ~~~

bk home took some pics again

so excited to try out the watch and cam whore..hehe

I think i'm quite a gd poser for watch yea..hahahahahaha...1st pic already not bad wat

ahahaha..okok...I shall stop being vain on the sunday nite...I feel so hyper now and I cant sleep~~

la la la la la la la

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