Thursday, August 19, 2010

Avillion 2010

back to Avillion after like 3 yrs!! haha...I guess things really changed alot...

the previous time I came to Avillion, I still have my long hair...and stayed in the water chalet

this time was with my colleagues for training, and staying at the garden chalet~~

seriously I found that the garden chalet its not bad at all compare to water chalet. Yea the water chalet's toilet is open air wan, which actually I think is smaller lo...this wan look quite spacious compare to that...

feel like a princess...hehe

and I still love the beach...feel so peace while walking on the beach...

after hanged out awhile, we all have to sleep and ready for the training on the next day...

yay~~*yawn* breakfast time! but actually I hate to wake up early to not miss the breakfast :(

Kidd prefer the western style - sausage and bread

and I prefer the M'sian's style - NASI LEMAK! tats my all time favorite whenever I have the chance to eat breakfast at the hotel

we went for our 2 hours training after d breakfast

then its break time!!! = refreshment + group photo time

n yes, we back to our training again...but this time we had some group activities...

yes, not many pics taken as we were quite occupied during tat time..haha

then after that, its makan time!! yay~

love the setting so much!!

its the 1st time I can be in this settings at the have dinner..wee~~

BUT...there's one thing I HATE about this place, which is FLIESSSSSS...yes...soooo many of them..its really irritating u know...I really dont have much appetite during tat time..

so I rather enjoy the view ...its really beautiful...isnt it :)

get ready again for karaoke competition!!!

Amyrah - the singer, the announcer, the copywriter...she has it all! proud to say that I'm sitting beside her..hahahahaha *lame*

Zyk...the sweetest and prettiest gal I ever met

Jansen this siu di gay but yet he can sing well la..haha

of coz  there are other contestants, but I went out to be my own contestants I missed out

n taking pic with my 'ah tao' for copywriter it's never easy!

well...the competition ended n copywriters rocked it!! Pooja(1st from right) got 3rd and Amyrah (2nd from right) got 1st!!!

nth much that nite after the competition...sang a few songs..

then I went to the beach alone..sat there for like..maybe an hour? its really nice...I love it..n Kidd joined me after that...then we went bk to our room after a day still gotta wake up was out last day in Avillion...

this is the spa place, which it's not built yet when I went to Avillion few years ago. Hopefully will have the chance to visit this place :)

say bye bye to garden chalet :)

weee~~fat fat face in the morning


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