Sunday, January 30, 2011

sexy wall

Since CNY it's coming soon, let me continue to 'heat up the heat' by showing our cheongsam pictures..hehe..YES I still have many which I have not post cause I said I will post by location we took some post will have lots of pics some not...

*before you see the pictures maybe you can play some CNY songs..more got feel..haha

we were still at the same place, just this is another wall...imagine we spent hours to take that 4 walls..haha

and along the 'way'...we saw this wall and we addicted to it...cause it's really a very nice background..see it by yourself :)

you can say Im perasan but I think any of this picture can print for poster d..:p cause the wall too nice ma so cin cai take also very nice :D

 and this is my favorite among this batch...

and the windows part...

hm...maybe the wall too nice d, so macam no feel to talk about the windows part..haha..

Anyhow..will move to next location next post, hopefully I can post up all the pictures before CNY! or maybe during CNY : D

so if you are boring at home during CNY..dont remember to come back and see some 'red hot' pictures : D till then my loveliesss~~

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