Sunday, June 05, 2011

Shills Girl Search - 4th day

Its the 4th day of the Shills girl search event, which is the day before our FINALE!

Today is more like a 'working day'.

First we went to KLCC to attend IBG beauty expo. to promote Shills and to expose ourselves at the same time.

Nothing much to say eh, cause half of our day were take pictures...

interviewed by 988 DJ - 欣怡

*like* cause we all look tall here..haha

Yes...I knor its a boring post for u cause we actually didnt do much. As I said its more like a working day for us. After been to the beauty expo, we headed to times square to practise for our finale, which take up another half day..GOSH..really tiring wan leh but FUN! being with these girls just wont feel tired~ aikss..everytime post about shills girls stuff sure miss them~

A short post for you this time but get ready cause next post will have lotsa pictures~~till then :D

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