Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Shills Girlsss

Shills girl search FINALE!!! Those who attended that day...really thanks for support..of course those who did not attend, thank you as well cause I know you all already support me...mentally XD

Ok, back to the finale thingy...

Last day for us, seriously we all very mm seh tak each other and felt that why so fast its finale already. Although its only half day of rehearsal, we did well on our finale, from catwalk, Q&A etc~ so proud for ourselves :D

The show starts at 4pm, but we have to be there at 10.30am to have our hair and make up done.

So while we all are waiting, this is what we done~

Love the eye make up soooo much!! my eyes looks so big here :D

and thanks to the hair stylist make me look so beautiful~

chatime its everyones' all time favorite~

Yes, most of our time were just taking pictures, pictures and pictures~

then...we started to act cute...

or I should say just me...cause Im the 3rd oldest but Im still doing allthese..hahaha

cant blame me...cause allthese siao mei mei too cute~

At last show started!!! we performed our dance~

then is the catwalk show of our sponsors...

I kinda happy that we all actually dont look nervous here...cant believe we made it too! cause its just exactly the same from what we see from those top model show...changing clothes...its just so gan jiong and rush behind the stage...

*imagine I almost cant fit this pants cause my butt too big!* LOL

ohya...allthese pics were taken by photographer, I just grab whatever I can see from fb...thank u :)

Q&A session : we all damn nervous can! but yet we all made it again! hehehe

after hours~ its time to announce the winner! before that there were 3 awards too, which is best smile, best sunny confident,miss best body and miss popular

Miss popular goes to~~ No.3!

Miss Perfect Body goes to~~~ No.8!

Miss best smile is!! No 5~~

and Miss Sunny Confident goes to~~~ No.6!!

No.6?! No.6!??!? what the..No.6..Im No.6?! sure???

damn excited and happy lor~ I seriously never thought I will get anything wan...

last but not least! the winner~~ the shills girl goes tooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~


Congrats~~ so jealous can go Taiwan lo~ hahaha

happy ending~ group photos~

this are my prizes~~

To be frank, I really am surprise to won this award. I am never a confident person, my old and best and close frens all know that. So this award actually give me so much confident that there are people actually see something in me...*so touching neh~*

thank you all of you again for all the supports  XD XOXO

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