Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bad Service

There's so many posts I wanna share with you all~ like my sri lanka trip, my shootings etc~~

BUT...there's only one thing in my mind now which I really want to SPREAD it! cause tomorrow its the expiry date.

I am writing about nothing else now but all about THE DEALS! The Deals I meant here are those vouchers we bought from the discounts deals website like groupsmore, milkadeal, mydeals etc

I bought few vouchers before from this few companies. So far so good, until I went to this facial and beauty treatment place call ZENSE. Wow, seriously...I think I can know why their business sucks. Let me tell you what happened that day and you can judge it yourself.

There's this fine beautiful hot sunny day, I took a day off to gao dim some insurance thingy in the morning. So I thought of going to ZENSE face and beauty treatment, which I already planned for it, should not waste my half day staying at home. So I drove to plaza emerald, which where they located.

I felt I am lucky enough to get a parking for myself not too far away as people said its very hard to get parking there. After getting down from my car, I called to ask where is the shop as I cant get to find it, they didnt tell me where they located although I told them where I am. After I said, Friendscino then only she said :' oh...ya we are at the same row with Friendscino.' Ok, so I walked along the street and trying to find the shop.

Nope I cant find it at the first place, cause I cant see they have any signboard of the name...and yes after having 2nd thought, I think the one I saw without the signboard its the shop. So I went it, good enough they serve me tea after they got my name. Here comes' the 'drama', no worries its just a small and not so drama punya drama

Me = very patient customer
She = the promoter with broken English

She : Can I have your voucher?
Me : Wait ya (trying to find the page of my voucher from my iphone)
She: er...we need hardcopy
Me : what?
She: ya, if not hardcopy then you cannot do the treatment wan.
Me : Huh? but I have the voucher number with me here.
She : Cannot, we need to have the hardcopy
Me : Maybe can you ask your manager? Cause I've bought few times d and use it at few places, they said I  
        can just let them know my voucher number.
She: cannot, only hardcopy can redeem.
Me : Ok, so do you help people to print out? (I heard many places they actually print out the voucher for
She: No woh, we no printer here.
Me: Ok...(they dont even have a PC and printer, I wonder how their business can be better without allthese)

Silent for few seconds...
She : So you want to arrange another time to come again?
* only think about getting money right but not solving my prob*
Me : Honestly I dont really have time plus your thing is expiring soon. I cant decide for the next appointment.
She : or like that la, there's a cc nearby can print there.

Ok, I tried. I went out and walked under DA HOT SUN for more than 15 minutes. I tried to search but no, she cant even deliver the directions for me. I even try to see whether I can print it from a photo shop. That guy is good enough to let me try. THANK YOU

So I went back, I think she thought this time got money in d...(ohya I saw one of the worker talking to a guy outside the shop...I wonder they usually stand and talk so close with customer, or maybe he's not a customer..I dont know)
She : so where is your voucher
Me: No I cant find it
She: huh??? then?
Me: I cant find any cc nearby...I went and walked around d but no...
She: then maybe now u can book for next time
* again!!! (%*$)%(*$*%) seriously I damn dulan d!*
Me : its ok...I'll see how ( trying to leave)
She: or maybe you can print tat voucher d u bring here, we can extend the expiry date wan.
Me : its ok...never mind

I said thank you and leave. They didnt say sorry or feel sorry...WTF? what kind of service is this?
HELLO! seriously I think I am a very patient customer, I never find argument with the workers cause I know they just work for the boss. BUT DAI LOU! apa ini?!?!?! you asked me go search for the cc I went, then you said so many bull shits...

On that few days, I really thought of printing out that voucher and send to them. But now I dont think so liao...I just can tell myself that.RM60 boh bian I gotta let it go...since my colleagues said she was quite disappointed after went for the treatment.

Yes maybe some of you might felt that I am the one that is not reasonable, walking in the hot sun and kena play by the workers..not I am not reasonable and I am not a good customer. I wonder how a good customer actually behave.

If things are bad I will say is bad, if things are good I will give compliments too, I just telling the truth, below are some of the deals I bought and I am satisfied with.

The Twins beauty - manicure and pedicure, I even buy another voucher from them. Definitely will visit more
                              than twice
Rosemary bites - Went there, they said its fully booked so I have to come next time. I asked whether I
                              need to print the voucher, the waitress said its ok, they just need the number. So by just
                              showing them on iphone its good enough. I like her, she feel so sorry that she cant serve
                              us and she has a very friendly smile and she is very polite and with good manners.

Anyway, next time you wanna buy allthese deals or going for it. Better ask again first.

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