Monday, June 27, 2011

Sri Lanka Trip Day 1

I just notice that I actually used the same title for two different post...LOL..ok I know is so random..back to my post which some of you might be waiting for so long

Yes! its Sri Lanka~

Actually am not so excited about it cause I have no idea how Sri Lanka looks like, doesn’t really hear from Sri Lanka before. But no more until they showed us how luxury and beautiful our hotel.

First day was quite an exhausted day for us. Our company it’s good enough to even prepare transportation for us tothe airport. So at 2 in the morning, we will have to reach office, then we headed to the airport. Lepak till around around 7 we took the flight to Sri Lanka.

reaching very soon

its raining thou...but there's a 'bus' that fetch us

they are so nice, welcome us with wreath

There’s only 3 hours slower than Malaysia. We were still tired and sleepy after we get off the flight, but not anymore when we reached the hotel!! It’s really damnnn beautiful and nice k!!! and we were hungry, so we just found ourselves a place and makan our breakfast. And of course when group 2 people met the group 1 people, suddenly the hotel became a pasar…I like the expressions on those mat Salleh, hahaha.

please hold your breath cause the next picture will take ur breath away~~

 tadaaa~~~ isn't the hotel look amazing??!!? I am so impressed the designer who design this. I know its nothing big but I really love this idea, I never seen anything like this

another favorite spot of mine


love the yogurt drink

after a quick lunch, we were called to a 'tour'

actually we just sit in the bus and they tour us around...

we went to visit the so called fish market…well well well…its kinda interesting as we don’t really see this in Malaysia, but it’s really very dirty to be frank. Best not to wear any sandals or your favorite sport shoes, but it will be fine if it’s not raining la, if not u really will get wet easily especially your shoes. 

actually is very disgusting lo

mostly women are

we accidentally saw this and we love cute~~

I thought she so nice..hold those fishes and let us take pictures...

but she actually asking for money after we take

this...its like...hiding the mayat -.-

then we get back into the bus again and head back to hotel as we going to attend our company annual dinner

sorry for these pics, cause its raining whole day and we only can tour by sitting in the bus

we went to church too..but at the end we kena halau by a person working there, she said our attire is not suitable to go in..erm...we wearing shorts.. so we respect la and leave the place

wow...another half day to go...lets continue on the next post shall we :D till then my lovlies~~

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