Monday, November 21, 2011

Chocolate Polka

*puss in boots teary eyes*

I suddenly have the mood to write my mixie matchy post!! yes I miss it so much!! so ...sorry for those who actually waiting to see some beautiful pictures from korea, and surprise for some that been waiting for a fashion post..its really been a while I didnt update my mixie matchy post!

Outfit for this post was inspired by Japanese style..maybe abit of Korea style since I bought the top from Korea? LOL..just joke..of course this is more to Japanese style...

Yes yes! something new for me here...can I intro my new style first?

Its my first time wearing this kind of socks and match with heels, I know in my life when I wear shoes with socks was when I went to school, or to

Socks (RM18 - from website) you can ask me for the website if you are interested
this black lace socks just match with everything! but if your legs are not too long like mine, would suggest not to pull it all up which will make your legs looks shorter.

Shoes (RM45 - curve flee market)
I just love shoes that is beige or brown, maybe is because I find it very easy to match with everything, and this shoes match with my handbag :D

Handbag (RM28 - from Korea) go see my 1st post of korea trip :)
Yes! its that cheap and quality its good! and dont judge the bag by the size, I actually can put lots of stuff inside the bag, even a cardigan! love it~

Polka top (RM28 - yes its from Korea too)
Sorry, I just cant resist anything with polka dots, stripes and eiffel tower. This is just one of the shirt I bought from Korea, few more to come : D
Their size n design actually quite big size, would suggest to tuck in if not it will look like pyjamas.

Yay Im done! more korea posts to come! stay tune my lovelies and good night : D


Xue Ren said...

i like the polka dots!! =D

vOon said...

yay!! another polka dots fans