Monday, November 14, 2011

Korea Day 2 - Winter Sonata

For your info, this will be a very long post,not many words I guess but full of beautiful pictures and of course some camwhore pics :D lol..dont worry I will categories them so you can actually skip the cam-whore pics by just scrolling away.

So,how many of you actually remember or know the first ever famous Korean drama that you watched? I guess for the 90s babies might not understand our feeling but for all the crazy 80s babies, how many of you actually crazy about WINTER SONATA?!??

Ok I know some of you might find it outdated but well it's been more than 10yrs I guess and I still love that drama so much, and the soundtracks as well! I still can remember how we crazy waiting infront of the tv and watching all the episodes again and again. No doubt that winter sonata it's the first ever Korean drama that brings up the Korean drama fever to Malaysia, until today.

So obviously, since I'm in Korea of course I am not going to miss out to visit Nami island!! Which is where winter sonata filmed! Gosh, I never though that I actually have the chance to visit this place!

very tired face of us

So it was Sunday we travelled to Nami island. It takes around 1hour45 minutes to reach that station and around 45 minutes walked to that island.if you are lazy, 23000won is the price for your transportation to that island from the subway station (with entrace fees included, entrance fee its 8000won). No matter how, its still worth it when you reach Nami Island!!

some scenery from taking the subway to talking to the island.

not trying to act cute but the sun its very bright!!

When we reached there..GOSH its queue again..everywhere is queue in Korea -.-

luckily its only takes around 15 minutes for us to reach the counter

I dont know that 4000k is for who, maybe children. But adult is 8000won.

Although I was there that time, but now I cant recall or imagine how we actually packed into a small boat like this...haha

Damn funny, got uncle having in professional wan and got so many aunty uncle 'fans' down there enjoying...

I am not joking, every single picture its so nice and you dont need to be a professional or a professional camera! its just beautiful!!!

FYI, no photoshop at all!!! except that watermark..haha

one of the famous scene from the drama

awwww...really looks so romantic lehhh...snowman its my partner

reflection of us

on the play play
 a tower made by magazines~

Then we picnic there~this AJUMA prepare food for us~~ (hahaha..just joke, we just bought some snacks and lie down there..freely~~)

the chicken very potong steam cause we lye there and it keeps on came over..SCARY CAN!

view we had~

and cam-whore pics...2 only la~~~

wow I can have new hairstyle~

then we headed to the the place where the nicest and most of the scenes were taken...

two rows of trees~

its really so hard to take photo while its so pack!!

 so really a big thanks to my lovely cute colleague poh chee and gorgeous Cho~

I wanna be 3rd party can -.-

One picture for see before and after photoshop

this lake its just so nice!!!!! we accidentally caught this moment~~

love this!!!

then took some pictures nearby too~ 

then we purposely take this road..and hum the song..LOL

then that stupid poh chee force us to take a fake photo like this -.-

we have to act like we really having fun talking although we had fun la but to act its really hard lo -.- somemore she dont take a normal pic for us unless we ACT!

another favorite pic!!!

Then we saw Naminara Police car...

Guess what, we saw they used this car after like 5 minutes, cause got 1 ajuma fainted d ..luckily we took a pic earlier

We were so happy..joys and laughter along the way towards the ship

We saw the queue, we were like..gosh its a long queue again...well well..we are in korea and today its weekend we know we know...

So we continue to walk

and walk..................................

and walk...................WTH man!!! why there's never ending!!! I cant see the end! we walked for more than 15 minutes!! Im no joking..walked for 15 minutes to find the end of the queue!!!!!!!!! this is the longest queue I've ever seen!!!

you definitely dont know how we feel that time, cause this will never happened in Malaysia. But like I said, the queue-ing up in Korea doesnt take too long...although its 50 minutes..hell yea I know...

but there's lots of entertaining things around...
Oh..I saw damn many couples wearing couples clothes...its damn common in Korea but I know most of the Malaysian cant really accept included myself. Their matching outfits its from head to toe wan ok..

Couple 1

Couple 2

Couple 3..the most attract attention wan..sorry for the blur picture cause I was walking that time...

other than couples...we have nice trees~

and even batman!

At last!!!! we reached the ship

Goodbye Nami Island!! I hope I can come back next time during WINTER! *finger cross*

We were hungry after walking for whole we makan our dinner nearby before we walked back to subway station

the foods look and actually taste yummy!!

damn happy at last we get to eat~~ 

 While Im on my way walking back to the station, I really enjoyed alot walking during cold season and it makes me recall the days in Melbourne. Seriously I hope I have chance to come here again.

You would not want to miss the next post! Cause our tour guide Poh Chee is bringing us to somewhere that even Koreans never been to...and its damn nice!! so stay tune my lovelies~~


FiSh said...

the place is so romantic :) should go with your loved one!


vOon said...

I hope so too...but no point if the love one is not romantic kind of person..hahaha

SunScreen said...

The pictures were beautifully taken! Are you using a DSLR?

vOon said...

SunScreen - hello~~ its been awhile didnt see u d :p
Im actually using Canon 90, a compact digi cam..not using DSLR :)

Gaby de Modacapital said...

wow!! amazing place and amazing pics!

I really like your blog, I follow you :D
... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)