Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Korea Day 1 - Autumn in my eyes

Oh yes Im so going to start my Korea trip posts at this very moment!! sorry for letting you wait~

Before starting my Korea trip, I must say this is so far my craziest action I made so far, I only bought the ticket one week before I went to Korea...I KNOW RIGHT! I mean maybe for some..or maybe most of you, this is a very normal behavior, but seriously not for me...I'm not really that kind of person plus Im not a travel person...YET...I have no regrets of making this choice! 

On the 28th Oct, we took 11pm flight, which we will reached there in the morning, it takes 6 hours flight.

We reached the airport almost 10 and its so rush for us! we didnt even have time to eat our dinner..so we da bao and curi-curi eat in the airport

tired face..time to sleep :D

We reached at 6something am..and we took the airport bus to the place we stayed...jonggak

see the seatbelt so damn big..haha

We reached the hostel at 8am but we only can check in at 1pm and their check out time is 11am...so we have no choice but to leave our luggage there and go out 'wan sik' :( thought can rest for at least 1-2 hours tim

breakfast at 7-11...coffee its a must for me!! and its delicious!!

The first place we visited in Korea is Gyeongbokgung 景福宫

This is the first palace built at the founding of Joseon, it was competed in 1395......(search google ba) :p I'm dont want my readers leave my blog when they read this..LOL

some of them are quite leng chai actually :p

new way of cam-whoring by ourselves..u can ask me for the technique..haha

its really soooo beautiful during the autumn...wherever we go...thats the only words we said

the autumn leaves are real!!!!

we can see real autumn leaves! and we took almost half hour to take pictures here~

Then we kinda cin cai walked around other place in the palace cause there's no where nicer than the place we camwhore d...haha

but of course we are wrong, there's still many places that are soooo beautiful! simply take pictures also look like photoshop pictures

Then from the palace which located at Sejong-ro, Jongno-gu..we walked to angguk which took around 20 minutes for us to reached there.

then we saw the queue -.- like crazy man!!

the wall full of notes and signatures...people are just so boring waiting..haha

Oh, actually it only take us less than half hour to queue although the queue its damn long...they very smart, they give out the menu form with 2 same forms, and they will take the form for them so our food can be served when its our turn to makan. so efficient!

I love this!! taste so good~

Then we bought a handbang there..only 10000won - RM28 for most of the bags...

Then we went to Insadong this building called Samziegil...

The first thing I saw its SHIT!...I am not joking..see it by urself

and we even eat it!! its nice~LOL..we eat shit
actually its just like 'dao sa beng' la

lots of nice spots to take pictures

Then we went to Myongdong for dinner...my lovely colleague aka the tour guide for this trip introduce us this place..the spciest ramen ever...4000won per bowl..

to be frank...I think I ate not more than 5spoon...I cannot tahan d..its really damn spicy la!!

whole space was covered by the notes left by customers

Then we walked around myongdong - the shopping heaven~but I just bought a pair of shoes and I love it so much...

the last few days I went there its still the same group if model...all they have to do its just stand there...gosh I dont know how they can tahan..this is the real poser..haha

Then we went to Daehak-ro for some drink..I love the apple juice~ I mean alcohol..haha..doesnt taste like alcohol at all~

and the mexican food~

Then we went to take purikura (sticker photos)

Its been ages I didnt take liao!!!!!!!!!! miss it so much!

we never have the size like this in KL lo...its only 6000won

They even have props~

We went back to hostel early...maybe around 11pm? But we are damn tired la...imagine we only had less than 5 hours sleep and out and walked for whole day d!!!!

hall of the hostel

share toilets

and the dorm~

So its time to say good night~ I will continue my 2nd post very very soon!

A hint of my 2nd post, do you remember WINTER SONATA? hehehe

Stay tune~~~~*hugzzz*


CleverMunkey ® said...

korea is such a cool place! hope one day i can pay a visit there... my sis is still there at this moment

vOon said...

yea it is!! i'm gonna share their culture and wat I saw and met there bit by bit along the korea posts..overall korea its really a nice country..since ur sis is still there..u shud pay a visit!

Hayden Chan said...

wow! niceeee place to be! i been there once and wish to be there again :D

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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vOon said...

Hayden - so nice! wat was the season u went last time?

Anonymous said...

you look good