Monday, November 28, 2011

Korea Day 3 - Dreamy

It's our 3rd day in Korea and its Monday. Since our dear Cho Cheng will have to attend her class, so we will only visit the 'MUST GO' places after she finish her class, which is around 1pm.

Of course we will not waste our morning, dear Poh Chee brought me to this place, so artistic!

Houses full of painting

so creative!!!

I love this! makes me feel like the Alice in the wonderland

Even on the stairs!!

and under the bridge!

A simple view from the roadside can be so beautiful...I really love the autumn in Korea

going to meet up with Cho~

Korea University!!!

Korea University student wannabe

well she's the real student there! I miss being a student!!! :(

After our lunch, we are going to somewhere VERY DREAMY~ will be so suitable for my dreamy blog...guess what's the name!

Gosh...dream forest...dream...forest..its like the forest in the dream? or dream alike forest...whatever way it is...its really a beautiful place and its a place MUST VISIT!

They even have deers!!! and the entrance its free!! I cant find any excuse for not coming to this place

AWWWW!! I really love it...

Look at the picture, how can you not love the place?!

Im not a fan of sunflowers but I heard its really hard to see that in Malaysia...and see there's so many here!

Getting something to eat while enjoying the views

Suddenly abit off, a big branded bag in the middle of the forest..LOL

and a small playground for the kids

Their 'lift' damn yeng!

Ohya, Iris did some of their shootings here too!

too bad its close !!! whyyy! Why you not open!!!! >.<

So...after spending few hours in DREAM very nice Korea fren and his wife brought us to this restaurant which me and my friends still working hard to search the place and the restaurant...

Because the food especially the meat its damn delicious!!!!! goshhh...I still can remember how does it taste like and its the best food I've eaten so far in Korea! and its cheap too!

I will try my best to find out! trust me..once I found out and I will update this blog...

PS. I think apron has the restaurant's name...if you happen to know please do tell me!! thanks~~
That's all for the very dreamy forest and the very yummy food! 

I hate to say this again but post have LOTSA BEAUTIFUL pics again, which you definitely would not want to miss it. I guarantee you will be regret if you didnt happen to see the pictures that I am going to post next~ LOL..

till then my lovelies *hugzzzz*


CleverMunkey ® said...

woahhh... such a nice place. If i was there, i'll spend my entire they snapping photos! thanks for sharing :)

Danny Foo said...

Was it autumn/spring? I so miss cool weather. T_T

Gaby de Modacapital said...

amazing pics! this place is very beautifull! and you are very pretty :)

vOon said...

Clever munkey - tats wat we did, walk n take pics, lol...but seriously u just cant stop taking photos as the places a just too bueatiful!!

Danny Foo - its autumn...which I think its colder than spring, but sometimes in the morning quite hot also lor...

Gaby - lol...the place too beautiful so it has the effect to make ppl look prettier XD