Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've learnt a lesson today

hai...i also dunno today consider good or not a good day.
me and my frens went to XXX complexe to take photo of batik to do our assignment geh..before tat we have 2 meet the manager to approve us to take pics. 1st is my fren went in first because he had the approval letter from college. then later tat manager ask him to ask us go in coz we dun have mah...supposingly each person must have one wan.
so i tot she know our things already...when we get in..i see no ppl start to talk with her first...then i mai start 2 tell her the reason we come orwatever things loh...mana tau...kena we are the one who kena interview before enter to work for her like tat...said wat expect her to aprrove us to take the photos by not asking permission before we come in (but she is the one who ask us to come in mah) and then at first didn't introduce ourself and wat college and watsoever...aiya..alot lah...BUT...i did learn from tat lah...i know tat might be our wrong because we didn't introduce ourselve or watever coz i tot some ppl dun like waste so much time mah...somemore we are not wanted to interview..we jut wan to get approval.
but at last luckly i said something correct lah when she ask what benefit can the shop get, and she think the benefit is good also loh...takkan we just take pics then no give ppl benefit geh...
hai...i wan write this down 2 reason...1 is i really did learnt a lesson from tat manager lah...ppl can be a manager sure very geng d wan ler...another reason tell u ppl which is reading my blog...if next time u r facing the prob like me met this kind of situation...very important is MUST introduce urself case..haha


bingasia said...

no la .. that manager just purposely shout at u la ... siao

vOon said...

sot meh...she used the same tone to others ler..siao