Friday, September 02, 2005

not the rite time to chat?

oppsy..long time didn't post again...
not the rite time to chat, my msn oso put this nick...and tat can be one of the reason tat i no mood to blog..which is my grandma passed away last week.
on 23th august 2005, my grandma passed away, me and my family had turn to sad mood, all of us cant stop crying when saw my grandma suffering, but we all did to help her to fulfill her wish. the next day my parents think is really the time to sent her to hospital although she had came back from hospital few weeks ago. when she was sent back to hospital, the doctor wan to sue my dad somemore, said how come the 'luka' become so big and so serious already, and said we all didn't take care an old person good, if we really didn't take good care of her, she won't cant live until 93 years old loh..somemore the previous doctor didn't ask us to bring her back also.
after my grandma stayed in hospital, every day me and my family or some of our relatives had visit her, but she didn't really seems not serious.
tuesday, actually me and my frens planning to go 'cheung k', but we canceled coz not enuff ppl, and i felt tat is so lucky tat i had cancelled becoz my grandma died on tat day.
my family except my elder sis and bro didn't come, my paretns, me, my bro and few of my relatives went to hospital. when we reached not until few minits, my grandma heart stop beating altot the watever machine is have heart beat. everytime i watch tv and saw the machine oso got feeling liao when saw tat line become 1 straight line( mean tat person had die). this time i saw it infront of me and the person is my grandma. my tears cant stop falling.
then my mom called my elder bro 1st to ask him to come to hospital now but not to tell him yet tat my grandma has passed away coz she scared my bro will speed, but i think who heard this kind of thing oso know wat happen ler..and when my bro reached he cry until more sad and sad and sad becoz he cant see my grandma for the last time be4 she stop breathing.
and tat day, is really a very terrible and sad day for us. after we reached home, i still can't stop crying, i really very not used to it becoz my grandma live with us.and actually few of us already have the feeling dunno why, tat day in college, dunno why i felt very frustrated, very no mood and very 'fan'. then my mom felt tat got something happen like tat so she go cut her hair (ppl said family memeber pass aaway cannot cut hair woh).my maid more geng, the day be4 she dreamt tat my grandma dress very nice and come back to our house...
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