Saturday, September 17, 2005

My sister's wedding

if saw the title maybe will though i will have alot of things to write in this article lah..but...hehe..nothing much to write..coz is not my wedding also..hahaha
16.9.2005 is the day that my sis have to 'seperate' one day with her husband loh, she have to stay overnite at her 'ex-house' mean my parents house lah which she used to live last time. Got party loh..for those who are not invited to the wedding day nth much to write
then...17.9.2005 is the day she can 'meet up' with her husband liao lah..if chinese will know wat i trying to say becoz this is the traditional way of the steps must do... we call that in chinese is 'zie xing niang' mean the guy have to come my sis's house from his house...then have to go through some 'games' or questions that the 'ji mui' of my sis asked...ohya...i am the bridemate of my sis..haha..but i didn't do much things lah...i only did alot things is the time when she have to 'zam cha' for relatives of bride's and bridegroom's sides. my relatives not very fast gao dim d...but at her husband house ah..stand almost more than 1 hour loh...even the tea also add water for 5 times already..mean his relatives memang alot lah...i have to stand because have to help my sis to write down the name on the ang pau..then also help her to hold her things or jewelries in a hungry somemore...
then at dinner last i know the difference between sitting on the host table and the normal table liao...normal wan have to wait other ppl take the food first as a manners. but VIP wan no need...coz the waitress will devide it to all the plates then give it to each of us...tat is the good side lah..the bad side is we have to wait till the waitress finish putting all the food in every plate and give to us only we can eat.
anyway...nth much special ler..just another tiring day...

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