Wednesday, September 21, 2005

izzit her?

i already forgot wat date i had tat dream ler..if ppl who did read my blog often..should know that my grandma had passed away last month...i think is this month lah..within 2 or 3 weeks...i dreamt of my grandma...and that dream quite real.
the dream start with i saw her flowing out from her room, i terkejut lah of coz...coz i scared ghost wan we got talk like tat loh...i forgot whehter she got open her mouth anot when she talk..coz my mom said if those dead ppl come back to tell u somehting in ur dream..supposingly they won't open their mouth wan...anyway...after i saw her..i told my paretns that grandma had came back (told them in the dream lah)..but they cant see her...i am the only one who can saw her and talked to her...she told me her place she living now got good and bad lah...good is got a good chef there cook very well...those food are so delicious she said..and then i forgot shy she said not good already ler...i forgot i dreamt until where..then i woke at 6something in the i went back to sleep loh..then the same dream appear again woh...but this time my younger brother also can saw her and talked to her liao.
so i told my dream to my parents...the scariest part...not scariest also lah..maybe i should we call in cantonese 'che' because i also dreamt that she ate tou fu...ya..i know eat tou fu are no scary lah..but then when i told my mom mom said ya..she lovev to eat tou fu...but the point is...i never know that she like to eat tou fu mah...
so...izzit mean that she really come into my dream and trying to tell me that she is ok now ?


aVeryGoodBadGuy said...

hahaz.. the problem is u forgot what is not good with ur grandma's new "living" place

vOon said... tat mean wat eh?

bingasia said...

ok la .. now only i know why din see u on msn ... u take care la ..