Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Asimo in 1utama

damn...ok, I know its not a good word to start a post, but...damn I left my hard disk in my bf's car because I brought it out (the hard disk is in my hand bag) so I decided to leave it in the car, takkan I bring down n go lepak geh. I cant upload the last part of my Cameron trip, pai seh ///-.-

well...I'm gonna post about Asimo. Well if u dunno what is Asimo, u will know later, if u know Asimo, u also gotta read, hahaha

anyway...I didnt know there is this Asimo events there, so...wat a coincidence...n the funny thing is...there was another fashion show....just few steps away from the Asimo events...which was very attractive as on that really...really bz

But because the fashion show doesnt allow ppl to take pics, so I only took some videos n pics of the Asimo, thank God that fashion show doesnt allow to take pics, if not I will feel sorry for myself of not charging my camera n cause me to miss the photograph session of the fashion show r the pics n the videos...seriously..I knew what is Asimo long time ago when it 1st came out, but this is the 1st time I SAW ASIMO. its really really very impressive of what it can do, or I think in the future we cant call it 'it'. Impressive yet, scary...cause I really not dare to imagine, what will happen in the future if these robots r going to serve us or take over our human life...example movies like I-robots, Wall-E..omg...

okok..seriously is the pics n videos time

ppl r waiting for it

stupid wan..I wanted to upload another video of Asimo running, damn funny wan. But tried few times d also cant upload..will try to upload few days later...pai seh

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