Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Madagascar 2 its AWESOME!!

really gotta thanks to Cindy!! for giving me this chance to watch Madagascar 2...its really really a nice movie!!! laffing all the way to the end of the movie...

ohyea..pai seh to those bloggers r there...I mean who has won the tickets under Cindy...cause I really the shy type...I really dun dare to talk to others..so when walk to Cindy n talk to her n her frens is the biggest step in my life I did...hahhahaha...luckily they all are nice...so didnt make the situation awkward (which I think I might)...

supposingly today is a happy day for me..which is hardly happen..but maybe happy really doesnt belongs to me cause when the time reach almost the end of the day..I had an argument with my bf which leave me with sadness n tears...guess I got a curse..hm..

anyway..here r the pics..too bad didnt get to take pic with my fren cause she help us take pics :(
n sorry for the blur picsss

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