Thursday, November 27, 2008

Karaoke day

well...actually we call it sing k...we hardly say..hey lets go karaoke...those r for those english educated...coz sing k is more like a style of more straight foward translation from chinese ed ppl (like me) lets go 'K'araoke, lets sing 'K' K rite...haha

anyway...sing k is my favorite past time..shud say my fav hobby..esp with my college kakisss...omg...I miss them so much during those days when we have few hours between classes, or we just wan to hang out, we will head to pyramid n sing k!! although everytime we went also same almost the same song...we just wont get bored of it..haha. n what is similiar among me n my college kakiss last time was tat..we only sing sad songs..ya..very sad songs..I know mostly ppl like to sing happier songs or fast songs that can cheer up the room...but we were not..n we still r not...haha..anyway

too bad at those days we didnt take much pics..n other kakis were not in...u know..during those days digi cam is not as convenience as nowadays n not every1 will have 1 camera in their handbag...hahaa

okok...bk to the sing k session
So I got this voucher because Red Box in the gardens has just branch...they have 30% for the I went with my sang for 6 hours...omg..I mean..yea some ppl will think...6 hours?!?! how can I sing for so long, voice oso no more d...but for me..maybe I biasa d...few times I tried..2 ppl sing for 6 hours, so tat day got 6..ok la..haha..N I found out something is that 6 hours is actually good for me...cause I think after 2-3 hours I only get warm up n ready to hit the high notes babyyy!

ok...this is my process when I go sing k...enter...NEVER will be the first one who start to sing the first song...1st song that I will Sun's 'ti oh oh' (tian hei hei) cause thats the easiest song to sing...but recently I sing 'xia yi ge tian liang' by claire, Janice's 'sam luen yu ma'.these songs r more to those songs that open up my voice..which we call it 'kai shen'=warm up la...then...depends...almost the end...sing songs that hit high songs from a-mei or Alin..which recently I have been singing..but I only dare to sing those hard hard songs infront of ppl I know well...pai seh mah..but if u ask me sing d then record for u..I ok woh..anyway

pics n videos to share :p

I dunno bout other branches but usually neway got this service, red box dont have yet..but they have this duet thingy here in the gardens. If u often go sing k u will know what is this..this thing can let u duet with the singer of the duet song u wan to if sometimes u wan to sing duet song but ur fren dunno how 2 sing..u can do this..but they have limited songs only

oh so random: wat a coincidence...I was wearing orange top..haha

yann n her bf

me n yann

me n pretty

stupid bf take pics of me when I was this kind of stupid face is when I sing till so focus...haha..actually when I sing..I closes my eyes the whole time

my video..I pixelate it..coz really beh tahan to watch wan...its dark anyway..haha..n pai seh u gotta bear with the singing :p

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whereismymoon said...

waa.. u look so "ÿeh" in the last pic!! ahahahahha...