Monday, November 24, 2008

cameron part 3 - boh tea farm

sorry for the previous posts of those video, there are few mistake n probs I didnt consider I hope to use this post to explain bout it..cause I mind..haha

1. my fren commented that there is some pause n lagging in between the video n the editing is not tat good coz is here n explanation is becoz there is no story line here, so just trying to show some shots of we plucking the streawberries because we were seperated n didnt discuss to shoot the same 'theme' so I terpaksa put them all together n try 2 link ler...

2.the lagging thing is becoz the second frames of the camera..coz we were using diff cameras. usually for editing shud be 25frames per second but there are camera we used is like 15frames per second or 30frames per when put in the video they cant convert to u see it lag :) AND bout the pause thing..I have no idea at all cause while I view back after I finish editing, everything is I guess is the converting cause the pauses.

3. subtitles...I hate myself for not thinking it.I forgot that some of my frens can not understand cantonese so I didnt put in the subtitles. also maybe we were to rush to produce this fast fast wanna finish n produce I will try to put in the subtitles for the upcomin video (maybe the one in penang that we may shoot for chinese new year) :)

thanks all for watching it n reading it...n thanks for the support :)

n here is the part 3 of our cameron trip - boh tea farm

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